Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures

Yi-Bing Lin, Imrich Chlamtac



Book Description
A comprehensive guide to building wireless and mobile networks and services. Based on advanced wireless and mobile network architectures, Personal Communication Services (PCS) offers the enterprise freedom of communication through mobility. This book gives network engineers and managers a window on the world of wireless and mobile networks, from the enabling technologies and protocols to creating and managing mobile services. Lin and Chlamtac use a unique sustained example approach to teach you how PCS concepts apply to real network operation. For example, they use location update to illustrate concepts in chapters on network signaling, Mobility management for different systems Wireless Application Protocol Network signaling for IS-41-based systems, PACS, and GSM Roaming procedures and international roaming Operational management VoIP service for mobile networks Mobile number portability GPRS Third generation (3G) mobile systems Wireless enterprise networks Wireless Local Loop And much more
Table of Contents