Building B2B Applications with XML: A Resource Guide

Michael James Fitzgerald

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A guided tour of the resources and technologies you need to create simple B2B exchange systems

Building B2B Applications with XML

To take advantage of new opportunities in the trillion-dollar B2B marketplace, you need to find out why XML is fast becoming the backbone of ecommerce and B2B enterprise solutions. This book cuts through the hype surrounding the recent surge in B2B development and arms you with the freely available technologies you need–such as XML, HTTP, and MIME–to create effective B2B applications. Among the simple Java programs in the book are examples that show you how to transport documents, digitally sign and verify documents, and log document exchanges.

You’ll also learn:

• How to move documents with hands-on examples of HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3

• How to encrypt and sign B2B documents using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and XML Signatures

• Why ebXML (Electronic Business XML) is poised to become a vital global standard for business communications

• How to create orders and invoices using Commerce One’s xCBL (XML Common Business Library), the largest B2B collection available

• How to manage catalog data with Ariba’s cXML (Commerce XML)–one of B2B’s most mature vocabularies

• How Microsoft is banking on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as a messaging envelope for business documents and passing method calls

• How to package business documents with Microsoft’s robust SOAP implementation, BizTalk

The companion Web site at features:

• Java code from the book, plus additional Java programs and resources

• Links to XML and related recommendations and drafts, XML vocabularies and protocols for B2B, and other associated standards such as RFCs

• Information on RosettaNet, the electronic component industry’s B2B solution






• 如何使用HTTP、FTP、SMTP和POP3的實際範例移動文件

• 如何使用PGP(Pretty Good Privacy)和XML簽名加密和簽署B2B文件

• 為什麼ebXML(電子商務XML)有望成為全球商業通信的重要標準

• 如何使用Commerce One的xCBL(XML Common Business Library)創建訂單和發票,這是最大的B2B集合

• 如何使用Ariba的cXML(Commerce XML)管理目錄數據,這是B2B中最成熟的詞彙之一

• 微軟如何將簡單物件存取協定(SOAP)作為業務文件和方法調用的消息封裝

• 如何使用微軟強大的SOAP實現BizTalk打包業務文件


• 書中的Java程式碼,以及其他額外的Java程式和資源

• 與XML和相關建議和草案的連結,B2B的XML詞彙和協議,以及其他相關標準,如RFC

• 有關RosettaNet的資訊,這是電子元件行業的B2B解決方案