The Art of Software Testing, 2/e (Hardcover)

Glenford J. Myers




Practical, up-to-date tactics and techniques for successful, efficient testing:

  • Basic testing principles and strategies
  • Program inspections and walkthroughs
  • Code inspections
  • Error checklists
  • Peer ratings
  • Black- and white-box testing
  • Error guessing
  • Top-down vs. bottom-up testing
  • Higher-order testing
  • Function and system testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Module (unit) testing
  • Test planning and control
  • Independent testing agencies
  • Debugging principles
  • Error analysis
  • Extreme Testing
  • Testing Internet applications
  • Higher-order testing of e-commerce architectures

Table of Contents:

List of Figures and Tables.



Chapter 1: A Self-Assessment Test.

Chapter 2: The Psychology and Economics of Program Testing.

The Psychology of Testing.

The Economics of Testing.

Black-Box Testing.

White-Box Testing.

Software Testing Principles.


Chapter 3: Program Inspections, Walkthroughs, and Reviews.

Inspections and Walkthroughs.

Code Inspections.

An Error Checklist for Inspections.

Data Reference Errors.

Data-Declaration Errors.

Computation Errors.

Comparison Errors.

Control-Flow Errors.

Interface Errors.

Input/Output Errors.

Other Checks.


Desk Checking.

Peer Ratings.


Chapter 4: Test-Case Design.

White-Box Testing.

Logic-Coverage Testing.

Equivalence Partitioning.

An Example.

Boundary-Value Analysis.

Cause-Effect Graphing.

Error Guessing.

The Strategy.

Chapter 5: Module (Unit) Testing.

Test-Case Design.

Incremental Testing.

Top-down versus Bottom-up Testing.

Top-down Testing.

Bottom-up Testing.

A Comparison.

Performing the Test.

Chapter 6: Higher-Order Testing.

Function Testing.

System Testing.

Facility Testing.

Volume Testing.

Stress Testing.

Usability Testing.

Security Testing.

Performance Testing.

Storage Testing.

Configuration Testing.

Compatibility/Configuration/Conversion Testing.

Installability Testing.

Reliability Testing.

Recovery Testing.

Serviceability Testing.

Documentation Testing.

Procedure Testing.

Performing the System Test.

Acceptance Testing.

Installation Testing.

Test Planning and Control.

Test Completion Criteria.

The Independent Test Agency.

Chapter 7: Debugging.

Debugging by Brute Force.

Debugging by Induction.

Debugging by Deduction.

Debugging by Backtracking.

Debugging by Testing.

Debugging Principles.

Error-Locating Principles.

Error-Repairing Techniques.

Error Analysis.

Chapter 8: Extreme Testing.

Extreme Programming Basics.

Extreme Testing: The Concepts.

Extreme Unit Testing.

Acceptance Testing.

Extreme Testing Applied.

Test-Case Design.

Test Driver and Application.


Chapter 9: Testing Internet Applications.

Basic E-commerce Architecture.

Testing Challenges.

Testing Strategies.

Presentation Layer Testing.

Business Layer Testing.

Data Layer Testing.

Appendix A: Sample Extreme Testing Application.

Appendix B: Prime Numbers Less Than 1,000.