Professional Portal Development with Open Source Tools: Java Portlet API, Lucene, James, Slide

W. Clay Richardson, Donald Avondolio, Joe Vitale, Peter Len, Kevin T. Smith



* Portals provide a single, integrated point of access to business information for decision-making and collaboration, and are one of the fastest growing markets within IT
* A complete tutorial and reference guide to Jetspeed, Lucene, James, and other open source tools used to build and deploy J2EE portals
* Introduces readers to each open source portal server and tool and shows how to build and deploy portal applications
* Explains how to develop an effective browser environment and Web services for the portal
* Authors are experts in portals development with open source tools and supply code-intensive examples for building real-world portals applications




Part I: Open Source Portals.

Chapter 1: The Java Portlet API (JSR 168).

Chapter 2: Searching with Lucene.

Chapter 3: Messaging with Apache James.

Chapter 4: Object to Relational Mapping with Apache OJB.

Chapter 5: Content Management with Jakarta’s Slide.

Chapter 6: Portal Security.

Part II: How to Build a Portal.

Chapter 7: Planning for Portal Deployment.

Chapter 8: Effective Client-Side Development Using JavaScript.

Chapter 9: Developing Applications and Workflow for Your Portal.

Chapter 10: Portlet Integration with Web Services.

Chapter 11: Performance Testing, Administering, and Monitoring Your Portal.

Chapter 12: Unifying the Enterprise Application Space Through Web Start.