Spectral Logic and Its Applications for the Design of Digital Devices (Hardcover)

Mark G. Karpovsky, Radomir S. Stankovic, Jaakko T. Astola


Spectral techniques facilitate the design and testing

of today's increasingly complex digital devices

There is heightened interest in spectral techniques for the design of digital devices dictated by ever increasing demands on technology that often cannot be met by classical approaches. Spectral methods provide a uniform and consistent theoretic environment for recent achievements in this area, which appear divergent in many other approaches. Spectral Logic and Its Applications for the Design of Digital Devices gives readers a foundation for further exploration of abstract harmonic analysis over finite groups in the analysis, design, and testing of digital devices. After an introduction, this book provides the essential mathematical background for discussing spectral methods. It then delves into spectral logic and its applications, covering:

Walsh, Haar, arithmetic transform, Reed-Muller transform for binary-valued functions and Vilenkin-Chrestenson transform, generalized Haar, and other related transforms for multiple-valued functions

Polynomial expressions and decision diagram representations for switching and multiple-value functions

Spectral analysis of Boolean functions

Spectral synthesis and optimization of combinational and sequential devices

Spectral methods in analysis and synthesis of reliable devices

Spectral techniques for testing computer hardware

This is the authoritative reference for computer science and engineering professionals and researchers with an interest in spectral methods of representing discrete functions and related applications in the design and testing of digital devices. It is also an excellent text for graduate students in courses covering spectral logic and its applications.




- 二值函數的Walsh、Haar、算術轉換、Reed-Muller轉換和Vilenkin-Chrestenson轉換,多值函數的廣義Haar和其他相關轉換
- 開關和多值函數的多項式表示和決策圖表示
- 布爾函數的光譜分析
- 組合和時序設備的光譜合成和優化
- 可靠設備的分析和合成的光譜方法
- 測試計算機硬件的光譜技術