Access Cookbook (Paperback)

Ken Getz, Andy Baron, Paul Litwin

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Access Cookbook contains a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions,and practical examples for the Access power user or programmer who is running up against some of the apparent limits of the Access user interface
or of Access application development. The diverse problems and solutions presented here are of interest to Access power users and programmers at all levels, from the relatively inexperienced to the most sophisticated.

Each of the book?s 14 chapters focuses on a particular topic area related to the Access environment or Access programming. Within each chapter, individual items follow a standardized format. The authors first pose the problem, and then present its solution. Finally, a discussion follows, which consists of extended analysis of the solution, an insightful examination of how Access works, or interesting programming techniques that are used in the
solution but that you can also apply elsewhere.

The kinds of problems posed and solved in the book include the following:

  • Specifying query criteria at runtime, rather than at design time
  • Restricting the user to a single row of a form
  • Preventing a report from printing if it has no records
  • Making slow forms run faster
  • Insuring that user interface objects present a uniform, consistent appearance
  • Controlling a printer's paper source programmatically
  • Referencing data from multiple SQL Server databases in a single Access Data Project page
  • Using contact information from an Access database when sending email using Outlook

The accompanying CD-ROM includes Access databases that contain the solutions for all problems presented in the text.

Table of Contents


1. Queries

2. Forms

3. Reports

4. Developing and Distributing Applications

5. Taming Your Printer

6. Managing Data

7. Exploring VBA in Microsoft Access

8. Optimizing Your Application

9. Making the Most of Your User Interface

10. Multiuser Applications

11. The Windows API

12. Automation

13. Using Data Access Pages

14. Working with SQL Server Data



《Access Cookbook》包含了一系列針對Access高級使用者或程式設計師所遇到的問題、解決方案和實際範例。這些問題和解決方案對於Access高級使用者和程式設計師都具有吸引力,無論是相對不熟練的使用者還是最熟練的使用者都能從中受益。


- 在運行時指定查詢條件,而不是在設計時
- 限制使用者只能在表單中編輯一行
- 如果報表沒有記錄,防止其列印
- 提高運行緩慢的表單的運行速度
- 確保使用者介面物件呈現統一、一致的外觀
- 以程式方式控制打印機的紙張來源
- 在單個Access資料專案頁面中引用來自多個SQL Server資料庫的資料
- 在使用Outlook發送電子郵件時使用Access資料庫中的聯絡資訊


- 前言
- 1. 查詢
- 2. 表單
- 3. 報表
- 4. 應用程式開發和分發
- 5. 控制打印機
- 6. 數據管理
- 7. 探索Microsoft Access中的VBA
- 8. 優化應用程式
- 9. 充分利用使用者介面
- 10. 多用戶應用程式
- 11. Windows API
- 12. 自動化
- 13. 使用資料存取頁面
- 14. 使用SQL Server資料
- 索引