Learning UNIX Operating System, 5/e (Paperback)

Jerry Peek, Grace Todino-Gonguet, John Strang

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  • 出版日期: 2001-11-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9780596002619
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If you are new to Unix, this concise book will tell you just what you need to get started and no more. Unix was one of the first operating systems written in C, a high-level programming language, and its natural portability and low price made it a popular choice among universities. Initially, two main dialects of Unix existed: one produced by AT&T known as System V, and one developed at UC Berkeley and known as BSD. In recent years, many other dialects have been created, including the highly popular Linux operating system and the new Mac OS X (a derivative of BSD).

Learning the Unix Operating System is a handy book for someone just starting with Unix or Linux, and it's an ideal primer for Mac and PC users of the Internet who need to know a little about Unix on the systems they visit. The fifth edition is the most effective introduction to Unix in print, covering Internet usage for email, file transfers, web browsing, and many major and minor updates to help the reader navigate the ever-expanding capabilities of the operating system:

  • In response to the popularity of Linux, the book now focuses on the popular bash shell preferred by most Linux users.
  • Since the release of the fourth edition, the Internet and its many functions has become part of most computer user's lives. A new chapter explains how to use ftp, pine for mail, and offers useful knowledge on how to surf the web.
  • Today everyone is concerned about security. With this in mind, the author has included tips throughout the text on security basics, especially in the Internet and networking sections.

The book includes a completely updated quick reference card to make it easier for the reader to access the key functions of the command line.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Getting Started

Chapter 2. Using Window Systems

Chapter 3. Using Your Unix Account

Chapter 4. File Management

Chapter 5. Redirecting I/O

Chapter 6. Using the Internet and Other Networks

Chapter 7. Multitasking

Chapter 8. Where to Go from Here




如果你對Unix還不熟悉,這本簡明的書籍將告訴你所需的基礎知識,不多也不少。Unix是最早用C語言編寫的操作系統之一,其天然的可移植性和低價格使其成為大學中受歡迎的選擇。最初,Unix存在兩個主要方言:一個是由AT&T開發的System V,另一個是由加州大學伯克利分校開發的BSD。近年來,許多其他方言也被創建出來,包括非常受歡迎的Linux操作系統和新的Mac OS X(一個BSD的衍生版本)。


  • 鑑於Linux的普及,本書現在專注於大多數Linux用戶偏好的流行bash shell。

  • 自第四版發行以來,互聯網及其眾多功能已成為大多數電腦用戶生活的一部分。新的章節解釋了如何使用ftp、pine郵件,並提供有關如何瀏覽網頁的有用知識。

  • 如今,每個人都關注安全性。考慮到這一點,作者在整個文本中都提供了有關安全基礎的提示,特別是在互聯網和網絡部分。




第1章 開始使用

第2章 使用窗口系統

第3章 使用你的Unix帳戶

第4章 文件管理

第5章 重定向I/O

第6章 使用互聯網和其他網絡

第7章 多任務處理

第8章 從這裡出發