Programming ASP.NET, 2/e

Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz

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In Programming ASP.NET, Second Edition authors Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz cover everything you need to know to be effective with ASP.NET. The book includes a comprehensive tutorial on Web Forms, which, in conjunction with Visual Studio .NET 2003, allow you to apply Rapid Application Development techniques (including drag-and-drop control placement) to web development. Programming ASP.NET includes extensive coverage of each type of server control, including Web server controls, HTML server controls, and custom controls. New material covers creating ASP.NET pages for mobile devices.

Table of Contents


1. ASP.NET and the .NET Framework

     The .NET Framework


     Hello World

2. Visual Studio .NET

     Start Page

     Projects and Solutions

     The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

     Building and Running

3. Events

     Event Model

     ASP Versus ASP.NET Events

     Event Arguments

     Application and Session Events

     Page and Control Events


     Postback Versus Non-Postback Events

     Comparing ASP.NET to ASP

     Events in Visual Studio .NET

4. Controls

     HTML Server Controls

     ASP (Web Server) Controls

5. ASP Control Details

     The Basics

     Label Control

     TextBox Control

     Button Controls

     HyperLink Control

     Selecting Values

     Selecting from a List


     Panel Control



6. Programming Web Forms





7. Tracing, Debugging, and Error Handling

     Creating the Sample Application



     Error Handling

8. Validation

     The RequiredFieldValidator

     The Summary Validator

     The Compare Validator

     Range Checking

     Regular Expressions

     Custom Validation

9. Data Binding


     Data Binding and Postback

     Binding to a Class

     Binding to Other Simple Controls

     Binding Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

10. List-Bound Controls, Part I

     Shared Properties and Collections

     The DataGrid Control

     Next Steps

11. Accessing Data with ADO.NET

     Bug Database Design

     The ADO.NET Object Model

     Getting Started with ADO.NET

     Managed Providers

     Creating a Data Grid

     Creating Data Objects by Hand

     Stored Procedures

12. ADO Data Updates

     Updating with SQL

     Updating Data with Transactions

     Updating Data Using Datasets

     Multiuser Updates

     Command Builder

13. List-Bound Controls, Part II

     Binding to the DataList and Repeater Controls
     The Repeater Control

     The DataList Control

     In-Place Editing

     DataList Editing

14. Custom and User Controls

     User Controls

     Custom Controls

15. Web Services Overview

     How Web Services Work

     Protocols and Standards

16. Creating Web Services

     A Simple StockTicker

     Creating a Discovery File


17. Consuming Web Services


     Creating the Proxy

     Creating the Consuming Application

18. Caching and Performance

     Types of Caching

     Output Caching

     Object Caching

     The HttpCachePolicy Class


     Benchmarking and Profiling

19. Security




20. Controlling, Configuring,and Deploying Applications

     What Is an Application?

     Controlling the Application

     Configuring the Application

     Deploying the Application

A. Relational Database Technology: A Crash Course

     Tables, Records, and Columns

     Table Design


B. Bug Database Architecture

     Table Relationships