Word Hacks

Andrew Savikas

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As one of the applications in Microsoft Office, Word is the dominant word-processing program for both Windows and Mac users. Millions of people around the globe use it. But many, if not most, of them barely skim the surface of what is possible with Microsoft Word. Seduced by the application's supposed simplicity, they settle for just what's obvious--even if it doesn't satisfy their wants and needs. They may curse the wretched Bullets and Numbering buttons multiple times a day or take hours to change the font size of every heading in a lengthy report, yet they're reluctant to dig deeper to take advantage of Word's immense capabilities and limitless customization tools.

Let Word Hacks be your shovel. Let it carve your way into Word and make this most popular and powerful application do precisely what you want it to do. Filled with insider tips, tools, tricks, and hacks, this book will turn you into the power user you always wanted to be. Far beyond a tutorial, Word Hacks assumes you have a solid working knowledge of the application and focuses on showing you exactly how to accomplish your pressing tasks, address your frequent annoyances, and solve even your most complex problems.

Author Andrew Savikas examines Word's advanced (and often hidden) features and delivers clever, time-saving hacks on taming document bloat, customization, complex search and replace, Tables of Contents and indexes, importing and exporting files, tables and comments, and even using Google as a dictionary! With him as your guide, you'll soon be understanding--and hacking--Word in ways you never thought possible.

Covering Word 2000, 2002 and Word 2003, Word Hacks exposes the inner workings of Word and releases your inner hacker; with it, you will be equipped take advantage of the application s staggering array of advanced features that were once found only in page layout programs and graphics software and turning Word into your personal productivity powerhouse.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Word Under the Hood 
       1. Tweak the Interface  
       2. Macros 101: A Crash Course  
Chapter 2. The Word Workspace 
       3. Hack Your Shortcut Menus  
       4. Create Custom Views  
       5. Revert to Saved  
       6. Quickly Change Your File > Open Path  
       7. Report and Review Your Options  
       8. Force Internet Explorer to Hand Off Word Documents  
       9. Tweak the New Document Task Pane  
       10. Browse All Button Images  
       11. Create a Custom Button Image  
       12. Hack the Office Assistant  
       13. Build a Better MRU  
Chapter 3. Formatting, Printing, and Table Hacks 
       14. Insert Placeholder Text  
       15. Sample Your System Fonts  
       16. Tab Me to Your Leader  
       17. Make Styles More Manageable with Aliases  
       18. Make a Simple Bar Graph  
       19. Put Footnotes in Tables  
       20. Repeat a Section Heading Across Pages  
       21. Simplify Borders Around Imported Images  
       22. Make More Flexible Captions  
       23. Make PDFs Without Acrobat  
       24. Create a Custom Text Watermark  
       25. Include Only Part of a Heading in a TOC  
       26. Put Crop Marks on a Page  
Chapter 4. Editing Power Tools 
       27. Crunch Numbers Quickly in Word  
       28. Unlink Every Hyperlink  
       29. Exclude Text from Find and Replace  
       30. Use Character Codes to Find or Insert Special Characters  
       31. Find/Replace in Multiple Files  
       32. Find and Replace Without Find and Replace  
       33. Quickly Create a Custom Dictionary  
       34. Create a Dictionary Exclusion List  
       35. Disable Overtype Permanently  
       36. Delete All Comments in a Document  
       37. Delete All Bookmarks in a Document  
       38. Turn Comments into Regular Text  
       39. Apply Context-Sensitive Formatting  
       40. Send a Document as a Plain-Text Outlook Email  
       41. Swap Revision Authors  
       42. Corral Basic Bullets and Numbering  
       43. Cross-Reference Automatically  
       44. Hack More Flexible Cross-Referencing  
Chapter 5. Templates and Outlines 
       45. Create an Outline-Only Copy of a Document  
       46. Build a Better Outline  
       47. Use an Outline to Build an Org Chart  
       48. Attach the Same Template to Multiple Files  
       49. Quickly Attach a Workgroup Template  
       50. Manage Macros with Templates  
Chapter 6. Housekeeping 
       51. Troubleshoot Common Word Problems  
       52. Control Word Startup  
       53. Sidestep Formatting Restrictions  
       54. Rename Built-in Styles  
       55. Clean Out Linked "Char" Styles  
       56. Reduce Document Bloat by Deleting Old List Templates  
Chapter 7. Macro Hacks 
       57. Get Simple User Input for a Macro  
       58. Keep the Macros Dialog Box Tidy  
       59. Do Something to Every File in a Directory  
       60. Run Macros Automatically  
       61. Intercept Word Commands  
       62. Keep Custom Menus Under Control  
       63. Use Word Dialogs in a Macro  
       64. Optimize Your VBA Code  
       65. Show Progress from VBA  
       66. Hack Documents with For Each Loops  
       67. Store Settings and Data in .ini Files  
       68. Generate Random Numbers  
       69. Hack with Application Events  
Chapter 8. Forms and Fields 
       70. Fake (and Easy) Fill-in Forms  
       71. Hack DATE Fields  
       72. Perform Calculations with Formula Fields  
       73. Format Numeric Field Results  
       74. Use Fields for Heavy-Duty Calculations  
       75. Include an Interactive Calendar in Your Forms  
       76. Use Custom Shortcut Menus to Make Frequent Selections  
       77. Number Documents Sequentially  
       78. Cross-Reference Among Documents  
       79. Convert Field Codes to Text and Back Again  
Chapter 9. Advanced Word Hacks 
       80. Emulate Emacs with VBacs  
       81. Use Word as a Windows Backup Utility  
       82. Perform Power Text Searches with Regular Expressions  
       83. Show a Directory Structure as a Word Outline  
       84. Automate Word from Other Applications  
       85. Hack Word from Python  
       86. Hack Word from Perl  
       87. Hack Word from Ruby  
       88. Use Python from Word  
       89. Use Perl from Word  
Chapter 10. Word 2003 XML Hacks 
       90. Get a Command-Line XML Processor  
       91. Create a Word Document in Notepad  
       92. Get the XML Toolbox  
       93. Use IE to Inspect WordprocessingML Documents  
       94. Transforming XML into a Word Document  
       95. Batch-Process Word Documents with XSLT  
       96. Standardize Documents with XSLT  
       97. Remove Direct Formatting with XSLT  
       98. Remove Linked "Char" Styles with XSLT  
       99. Use Google from Your Macros  
       100. Google Without Leaving Word