Tivo Hacks

Raffi Krikorian

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2003-09-01
  • 售價: $1,100
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,045
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596005539
  • ISBN-13: 9780596005535
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TiVo Hacks helps you get the most out of your TiVo personal video recorder. Armed with just a screwdriver and basic understanding of PC hardware (or willingness to learn), preeminent hackability awaits. This book includes hacks for changing the order of recorded programs, activating the 30-second skip to blaze through commercials, upgrading TiVo's hard drive for more hours of recording, use of TiVo's Home Media Option to remotely schedule a recording via the Web, log in to the serial port for command-line access to programming data, log files, closed-captioning data, display graphics on the TiVo screen, and even play MP3s.

Readers who use advanced hacks to put TiVo on their home network via the serial port, Ethernet, USB, or wireless (with 802.11b WiFi) will watch a whole new world open up. By installing various open source software packages, you can use TiVo for mail, instant messaging, caller-ID, and more. It's also easy to run a web server on TiVo to schedule recordings, access lists of recorded shows, and even display them on a web site. While TiVo gives viewers personalized control of their TVs, TiVo Hacks gives users personalized control of TiVo.

Note: Not all TiVos are the same. The original TiVo, the Series 1, is the most hackable TiVo out there; it's a box thrown together with commodity parts and the TiVo code is running on open hardware. The Series 2 TiVo, the most commonly sold TiVo today, is not open. You won't see hacks in this book that involve modifying Series 2 software.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. TiVo Remote Control Hacks
      1. Swinging TiVo
      2. Must-Skim TV
      3. Navigation Shortcuts
      4. The 30-Second Skip
      5. An Onscreen Clock
      6. Making the Play Bar Disappear Faster
      7. What's Your TiVo Doing?
      8. Opening the Backdoor
      9. Italicizing Everything
      10. Sorting the Now Playing List
      11. Turning Off Overshoot Protection
      12. Controlling Overshoot Protection
      13. Pushing Fast Forward to Eleven
      14. Viewing Suggestions in the To Do List
      15. Viewing "Hidden" Recordings
      16. Activating the Node Navigator
      17. Enabling Advanced WishLists
      18. Turning Off the TiVo Software
      19. Applaud the TiVo Team

Chapter 2. Adding More Hours
      20. Opening the Box
      21. Removing TiVo's Hard Drive or Drives
      22. Installing TiVo's Hard Drive in Your PC
      23. Using MFS Tools for Backup and Restore
      24. Backing Up Your TiVo Software
      25. Restoring from Backup
      26. Adding a Second Drive the Quick-n-Dirty Way
      27. Putting TiVo's Drives Back
      28. Testing Your TiVo's New Capacity

Chapter 3. The TiVo Shell
      29. Mounting and Working with TiVo's Drive Partitions
      30. Enabling Bash over the Serial Port
      31. Copying Unix Binaries to TiVo
      32. Clean Up and Shut Down
      33. Connecting to TiVo Serially
      34. Installing Unix Binaries on TiVo
      35. Poking Around
      36. Moving Stuff to and from Your TiVo
      37. Installing the less Pager on Your TiVo
      38. Text Editing with vi on Your TiVo
      39. Text Editing with Emacs on Your TiVo
      40. Displaying Images on Your TV
      41. Putting Text on the Screen
      42. Capturing Closed Captioning
      43. Caller ID on Your TV
      44. Running the Same Thing Over and Over-
      45. Save Multiple Shows at a Time to Your VCR
      46. Playing MP3s on your TiVo

Chapter 4. Bring the Internet to TiVo
      47. Running PPP over TiVo's Serial Port
      48. Accept a PPP Connection from TiVo on Your PC
      49. Getting Your TiVo Series 1 Online
      50. Getting Your TiVo Series 2 Online
      51. Figuring Out Your TiVo's IP Address
      52. Getting Telnet to Your Ethernet-Enabled TiVo
      53. Fetching Files from the Web
      54. wget Things from the Web
      55. Setting Up an FTP server
      56. Using the Same Filesystem
      57. Reading Email on Your TiVo
      58. Using the TiVo Control Station
      59. Turning Your TV into a Virtual Window
      60. Streaming Internet Audio Broadcasts to TiVo
      61. Watching Your Email
      62. Listen to Your Email

Chapter 5. TiVo and the Web
      63. Signing Up for the Home Media Option
      64. Remotely Scheduling a Recording Through the HMO
      65. TiVoWeb, a Web Interface to Your TiVo
      66. Scheduling a Recording with TiVoWeb
      67. What's on and beyond the To Do List?
      68. Deleting Scheduled Recordings
      69. Undeleting Recordings
      70. Renaming Recordings
      71. Editing Season Passes
      72. Emulating the TiVo Remote
      73. Emulating TiVo's Screens
      74. Using TiVo Mail
      75. Changing Channel Logos
      76. Automatically Assigning All Logos
      77. Creating Your Own Custom Logos
      78. Dropping New Extensions into TiVoWeb
      79. Starting TiVoWeb with TiVo
      80. Putting Your TiVo on the Web

Chapter 6. Working with Videos
      81. Pulling Video from Your TiVo over FTP
      82. Pulling Video from Your TiVo via Web Interface
      83. Playing Extracted Video
      84. Streaming Video Directly from TiVo
      85. Converting Extracted Video
      86. Putting Videos Back into TiVo
      87. Moving Shows Between TiVo Units

Chapter 7. Writing Code
      88. Navigating the Media Filesystem
      89. Inspecting MFS Objects
      90. Extracting Your Now Showing List
      91. Discovering Your Favorite Actors
      92. Discovering Your Favorite Writers, Producers, and Directors
      93. Turning Favorites Lists into JavaScript
      94. How Do You Watch TV?
      95. Browsing Through TiVo's Resources
      96. Making Recordings Start Late and End Early
      97. Editing Resources with a Point and a Click
      98. Catching TiVo Events
      99. Disabling the Live TV button
      100. Cross-Compiling C Code for TiVo