MicrosoftWindows VistaVisual Encyclopedia

Kate Shoup, Kate J. Chase

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If you prefer to see what things look like and how to perform a task, instead of just being told, this is your ideal A to Z reference. Part I shows every Windows Vista tool and how to use it. Part II provides step-by-step instructions for more than 140 key tasks and techniques. Both are arranged alphabetically and illustrated in full color. It's the ultimate Visual resource-you'll see!
* Each tool and technique illustrated in full color
* Alphabetical listings for easy reference
* Step-by-step instructions for performing dozens of tasks
* A comprehensive guide for visual learners

A Visual guide to
* Identifying and using Vista tools
* Creating appointments and sharing calendars
* Backing up your PC and encrypting files
* Setting spam and scam filters
* Playing DVDs and creating movies
* Configuring a remote desktop connection

Table of Contents


About the Authors.



Part I:Tools.


Add Printer Wizard.



Backup and Restore Center.





Command Prompt.

Computer Folder.

Connect to a Network Projector Wizard.

Connect to a Network Wizard.

Connect to the Internet Wizard.


Content Advisor.

Control Panel.


Details Pane.

Device Manager.

Disk Cleanup.

Documents Folder.


Ease of Access Center.

Easy Transfer.

Event Viewer.


Fax and Scan.

File and Folder Backup Wizard.

Flip 3D.





Import Video Wizard.

Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Protected Mode.




Media Library.

Media Player.

Microsoft Management Console.

Movie Maker.

Music Folder.



Navigation Pane.

Network and Sharing Center.

Network Folder.

Network Map.



On-Screen Keyboard.




Parental Controls.

Personal Folder.

Phone and Modem Options.

Photo Gallery.

Picture Library.

Pictures Folder.

Preview Pane.

Programs and Features Window.


Quick Launch.

Quick Tabs.


Recent Items.

Recycle Bin.

Regional and Language Options.

Restore Files Wizard.


Save As.

Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard.

Search Box.

Search Folder.

Security Center.

Security Report.

Set Up a Wireless Router or Access Point Wizard.

Sound Notifications.

Speech Recognition.

Start Menu.

Sync Center.

System Information Window.


Task Manager.

Task Scheduler.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.


User Account Control.


Video Library.

Volume Mixer.viii


Welcome Center.

Windows Defender.

Windows Firewall.

Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Windows Media Center.

Windows Meeting Space.

Windows Sidebar.

Windows SideShow.

Windows Update


Part II: Techniques.


Aero: Set Up Aero.


Background: Set the Desktop Background.


Calendar: Manage Tasks.

Calendar: Publish a Calendar.

Calendar: Set an Appointment.

Calendar: Subscribe to a Calendar.

CardSpace: Create a Personal Information Card.

CDs and DVDs: Burn Data, Music, and Photos.

CompletePC Backup: Back Up Your PC with CompletePC Backup.

Computer Folder: View Free Space and Other Information.

Computer Name: Identify and Change the Computer Name.

Contacts: Import and Export Contacts.

Contacts: Manage Contacts.

Content Advisor: Set Internet Explorer 7 Parental Controls.


Date and Time: Change Your System Date, Time, and Time Zone.

Default Programs Center: Set Windows Default Programs.

Device Manager: Access Device Driver Information.

Device Manager: Remove a Device.

Device Manager: Troubleshoot Issues.

Display Properties: Configure Display Properties.

DVD Maker: Burn a Movie to DVD.


Ease of Access Center: Set Accessibility Options.

Edit: Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Encrypting File System: Encrypt Files and Folders.


Fax and Scan: Scan a Document.

Fax and Scan: Send a Fax.

Fax and Scan: Set Up Your System to Use Fax and Scan.

File and Folder Backup: Make Backups Automatic.

File and Folder Management: Copy and Move Files and Folders.

File and Folder Management: View and Set File and Folder Properties.

File and Folder Sharing: Share Folders and Files.

Folders: Create a New Folder.

Fonts: Add a Font.

Fonts: Manage Installed Fonts.

FTP: Using FTP in Internet Explorer.


Gadgets: Add Gadgets.

Groups: Add Users to Groups.


Help and Support Center: Access Help and Other Information for Windows.


Internet Explorer 7: Search the Web with Internet Explorer 7.


Local Security Policy: Change Local Security Settings.


Mail: Create a Mailing List.

Mail: Filter Spams and Scams.

Mail: Participate in a Newsgroup.

Mail: Send and Receive E-mail Messages.

Mail: Set Up an Account.

Mail: Set Up the Newsreader.

Media Player: Burn a Music CD.

Media Player: Find New Content.

Media Player: Play a CD or DVD.

Media Player: Rip Music.

Microsoft Management Console: Add Management Tools.

Movie Maker: Create a Simple Movie.

Movie Maker: Publish a Movie.


Network Connections Window: Manage Network Connections.


Offline Files: Enable Offline Files.

Offline Files: Make Files Available for Offline Use.

Offline Files: View Synchronization Settings.

Open With Command: Open a File in a Different Program.


Parental Controls: Set Windows Media Center Parental Controls.

Parental Controls: Set Windows Vista Parental Controls.

Partition: Create and Format a Partition.

Passwords: Set a User Password.

Performance Information and Tools: Assess Your Computer’s Performance.

Phishing Filter: Avoid Phishing Scams.

Phone and Modem Options: Set Up a Dialing Location.

Photo Gallery: Create and View a Slide Show.

Photo Gallery: Edit Pictures.

Photo Gallery: Manage Pictures.

Photo Gallery: Print a Picture.

Power Plan: Choose a Power Plan.

Previous Versions: Revert to a Previous Version of a Document.

Print: Print a File.

Printers: Share a Printer.

Problem Reports and Solutions: Review Problem Reports and Find Solutions.

Program Compatibility Wizard: Enable Older Programs to Run.


Quick Launch: Add and Remove Programs on the Quick Launch Bar.

Quotas: Set Space Quotas.


Ratings: Rate Files.

Recycle Bin: Empty the Recycle Bin.

Regional and Language Options: Add Language Support.

Remote Assistance: Get Help Via Remote Assistance.

Remote Desktop: Configure Remote Desktop Connection.

RSS Feeds: Find and Subscribe to RSS Feeds.


Screen Saver: Choose a Screen Saver.

Search Folder: Save a Search.

Security Zones: Customize Web Site Security Settings.

Shortcuts: Create and Manage Shortcuts.

Sound Scheme: Set Up a Sound Scheme.

Speech Recognition: Set Up Speech Recognition.

Start Menu: Customize the Start Menu.

Start Menu: Open a Program, Folder, File, or Feature.

Startup Folder: Control Which Programs Launch at Startup.

Sync Center: Sync an Offline Folder or Mobile Device.

System Restore: Create a Restore Point.

System Restore: Roll Back with a Restore Point.

System window: View Your System’s Properties.


Tags: Tag Files.

Task Manager: View System Information.

Taskbar: Customize the Taskbar.

Temp Folder: Locate and Manage the Temporary Files Folder.

Temporary Internet Files: Clean the Internet Files Cache.

Themes: Apply a Desktop Theme.


User Accounts: Create a New User Account.

User Accounts: Enable Guest Accounts.

User Accounts: Manage User Accounts.


Windows Defender: Scan for Spyware.

Windows Firewall: Configure the Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall: Manage Exceptions.

Windows Live Messenger: Create an Account.

Windows Live Messenger: Populate Your Contacts.

Windows Live Messenger: Send and Receive IMs.

Windows Media Center: Burn Digital Video to a DVD.

Windows Media Center: Listen to Music Files.

Windows Media Center: Record TV.

Windows Media Center: Set Up Windows Media Center.

Windows Media Center: Watch Live TV.

Windows Media Center: Watch Recorded TV.

Windows Meeting Space: Share Files, Programs, and Your Desktop.

Windows Meeting Space: Start a Windows Meeting Space Session.

Windows Update: Check for Updates.

Windows Update: Configure Automatic Updates.

Windows Update: Remove a Potential Problem Update.

WordPad: Save a Document.


XPS Documents: View an XPS Document.

XPS Documents: Work with XPS Documents.