Web Mapping Illustrated

Tyler Mitchell

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  • 出版日期: 2005-07-26
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With the help of the Internet and accompanying tools, creating and publishing online maps has become easier and rich with options. A city guide web site can use maps to show the location of restaurants, museums, and art venues. A business can post a map for reaching its offices. The state government can present a map showing average income by area.

Developers who want to publish maps on the web often discover that commercial tools cost too much and hunting down the free tools scattered across Internet can use up too much of your time and resources. Web Mapping Illustrated shows you how to create maps, even interactive maps, with free tools, including MapServer, OpenEV, GDAL/OGR, and PostGIS. It also explains how to find, collect, understand, use, and share mapping data, both over the traditional Web and using OGC-standard services like WFS and WMS.

Mapping is a growing field that goes beyond collecting and analyzing GIS data. Web Mapping Illustrated shows how to combine free geographic data, GPS, and data management tools into one resource for your mapping information needs so you don't have to lose your way while searching for it.

Remember the fun you had exploring the world with maps? Experience the fun again with Web Mapping Illustrated. This book will take you on a direct route to creating valuable maps.


Table of Contents:



1. Introduction to Digital Mapping

     The Power of Digital Maps

     The Difficulties of Making Maps

     Different Kinds of Web Mapping

2. Digital Mapping Tasks and Tools

     Common Mapping Tasks

     Common Pitfalls, Deadends, and Irritations

     Identifying the Types of Tasks for a Project

3. Converting and Viewing Maps

     Raster and Vector



     Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL)

     OGR Simple Features Library


     Summary of Applications

4. Installing MapServer

     How MapServer Applications Operate

     Walkthrough of the Main Components

     Installing MapServer

     Getting Help

5. Acquiring Map Data

     Appraising Your Data Needs

     Acquiring the Data You Need

6. Analyzing Map Data

     Downloading the Demonstration Data

     Installing Data Management Tools: GDAL and FWTools

     Examining Data Content

     Summarizing Information Using Other Tools

7. Converting Map Data

     Converting Map Data

     Converting Vector Data

     Converting Raster Data to Other Formats

8. Visualizing Mapping Data in a Desktop Program

     Visualization and Mapping Programs

     Using OpenEV

     OpenEV Basics

9. Create and Edit Personal Map Data

     Planning Your Map

     Preprocessing Data Examples

10. Creating Static Maps

     MapServer Utilities

     Sample Uses of the Command-Line Utilities

     Setting Output Image Formats

11. Publishing Interactive Maps on the Web

     Preparing and Testing MapServer

     Create a Custom Application for a Particular Area

     Continuing Education

12. Accessing Maps Through Web Services

     Web Services for Mapping

     What Do Web Services for Mapping Do?

     Using MapServer with Web Services

     Reference Map Files

13. Managing a Spatial Database

     Introducing PostGIS

     What Is a Spatial Database?

     Downloading PostGIS Install Packages and Binaries

     Compiling from Source Code

     Steps for Setting Up PostGIS

     Creating a Spatial Database

     Load Data into the Database

     Spatial Data Queries

     Accessing Spatial Data from PostGIS in Other Applications

14. Custom Programming with MapServer's MapScript

     Introducing MapScript

     Getting MapScript

     MapScript Objects

     MapScript Examples

     Other Resources

     Parallel MapScript Translations

A. A Brief Introduction to Map Projections

B. MapServer Reference Guide for Vector Data Access




想要在網上發布地圖的開發人員通常會發現商業工具的成本太高,而在互聯網上尋找免費工具會耗費太多時間和資源。《Web Mapping Illustrated》向您展示如何使用免費工具(包括MapServer、OpenEV、GDAL/OGR和PostGIS)創建地圖,甚至是交互式地圖。它還解釋了如何尋找、收集、理解、使用和共享地圖數據,無論是在傳統網絡上還是使用WFS和WMS等OGC標準服務。

地圖製作是一個不斷發展的領域,超越了收集和分析GIS數據。《Web Mapping Illustrated》展示了如何將免費地理數據、GPS和數據管理工具結合成一個資源,滿足您的地圖信息需求,讓您在尋找地圖時不會迷失方向。

還記得使用地圖探索世界的樂趣嗎?《Web Mapping Illustrated》將帶您直接創建有價值的地圖。

1. 數字地圖介紹
- 數字地圖的力量
- 製作地圖的困難之處
- 不同類型的網絡地圖
2. 數字地圖任務和工具
- 常見的地圖任務
- 常見的問題、死胡同和煩惱
- 為項目識別任務類型
3. 轉換和查看地圖
- 光柵和矢量
- OpenEV
- MapServer
- 地理空間數據抽象庫(GDAL)
- OGR簡單特徵庫
- PostGIS
- 應用程序總結
4. 安裝MapServer
- MapServer應用程序的操作方式
- 主要組件的演示
- 安裝MapServer
- 獲取幫助
5. 獲取地圖數據
- 評估您的數據需求
- 獲取所需數據
6. 分析地圖數據
- 下載示範數據
- 安裝數據管理工具:GDAL和FWTools
- 檢查數據內容
- 使用其他工具進行信息總結
7. Con```