Swing Hacks: Tips and Tools for Killer GUIs (Paperback)

Joshua Marinacci, Chris Adamson

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2005-07-05
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 546
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596009070
  • ISBN-13: 9780596009076
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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Swing Hacks helps Java developers move beyond the basics of Swing, the graphical user interface (GUI) standard since Java 2. If you're a Java developer looking to build enterprise applications with a first-class look and feel, Swing is definitely one skill you need to master. This latest title from O'Reilly is a reference to the cool stuff in Swing. It's about the interesting things you learn over the years--creative, original, even weird hacks--the things that make you say, "I didn't know you could even do that with Swing!"

Swing Hacks will show you how to extend Swing's rich component set in advanced and sometimes non-obvious ways. The book touches upon the entire Swing gamut-tables, trees, sliders, spinners, progress bars, internal frames, and text components. Detail is also provided on JTable/JTree, threaded component models, and translucent windows. You'll learn how to filter lists, power-up trees and tables, and add drag-and-drop support.

Swing Hacks will show you how to do fun things that will directly enhance your own applications. Some are visual enhancements to make your software look better. Some are functional improvements to make your software do something it couldn't do before. Some are even just plain silly, in print only to prove it could be done. The book will also give you give you a small glimpse of the applications coming in the future. New technology is streaming into the Java community at a blistering rate, and it gives application developers a whole new set of blocks to play with.

With its profusion of tips and tricks, Swing Hacks isn't just for the developer who wants to build a better user interface. It's also ideally suited for client-side Java developers who want to deliver polished applications, enthusiasts who want to push Java client application boundaries, and coders who want to bring powerful techniques to their own applications.

Whatever your programming needs, Swing Hacks is packed with programming lessons that increase your competency with interface-building tools.


《Swing Hacks》幫助Java開發人員超越Swing的基礎知識,Swing是自Java 2以來的圖形用戶界面(GUI)標準。如果你是一個希望用一流的外觀和感覺來構建企業應用程序的Java開發人員,那麼Swing絕對是你需要掌握的技能之一。這本由O'Reilly出版的最新書籍是關於Swing中有趣的東西的參考資料。它涉及多年來你學到的有趣的事情-創造性的、原創的,甚至是奇怪的技巧-這些讓你說:“我甚至不知道你可以用Swing做到這個!”

《Swing Hacks》將向您展示如何以高級且有時不明顯的方式擴展Swing的豐富組件集。本書涵蓋了整個Swing範疇-表格、樹狀結構、滑塊、微調器、進度條、內部框架和文本組件。還提供了有關JTable/JTree、線程組件模型和半透明窗口的詳細信息。您將學習如何過濾列表、增強樹狀結構和表格,以及添加拖放支持。

《Swing Hacks》將向您展示如何做一些有趣的事情,直接增強您自己的應用程序。有些是視覺增強,使您的軟件看起來更好。有些是功能改進,使您的軟件能夠做以前無法做到的事情。有些甚至只是純粹的愚蠢,只是為了證明它可以做到。本書還將讓您一窺未來即將到來的應用程序。新技術以驚人的速度涌入Java社區,為應用程序開發人員提供了一整套全新的模塊。

《Swing Hacks》不僅適用於希望構建更好用戶界面的開發人員,也非常適合希望提供精緻應用程序的客戶端Java開發人員、希望推動Java客戶端應用程序界限的愛好者,以及希望將強大技術應用於自己應用程序的編碼人員。

無論您的編程需求如何,《Swing Hacks》都充滿了增強您使用界面構建工具的能力的編程教訓。