Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense, AdWords, and the Google APIs (Paperback)

Harold Davis




When it comes to advertising on the web, you just can't argue with the numbers. A $7 billion market today is expected to grow to $18.9 billion by 2010. Jupiter Research also estimates that search advertising will be a larger share of the market than display advertising by 2010. These phenomenal numbers are due largely to Google, which has changed the way the world publishes content - and advertises.

Google Advertising Tools from O'Reilly examines the business and technology behind making money with content and advertising on the web. This focused, easy-to-read guide shows you how to use Google's advertising services to make it happen. You'll find all the background information you need to work with Google AdSense, which automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site, and Google AdWords, which lets you generate text ads that accompany specific search term results.

This book has specific and detailed sections on:

  • Turning your web site into a profit center with AdSense
  • Making sense of AdSense metrics
  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Optimizing sites for search engine placement
  • Working with AdWords campaigns, auctions, and reports
  • Managing campaigns dynamically using the AdWords APIs

Once you've read all four parts, you'll have a comprehensive picture of how advertising works on the web and how you can use the Google advertising programs to your advantage.


Table of Contents


Part I. Making Money with Your Web Site

1. Build It and They Will Come: Creating Popular Web Sites

     The Taxonomy of Success

     Popular Sites: Using Alexa

     How Much Content Is Enough?

     Presenting Content

     Content Architecture

     Action Items

2. Driving Traffic to Your Site

     Creating a Plan and a Story

     Submitting Your Sites to Search Engines

     Working with Directories

     Becoming Popular

     Publishing Press Releases

     Syndication Feeds

     Using Email Lists

     Action Items

3. Optimizing Sites for Search Engine Placement

     How Your Site Appears to a Bot

     Excluding the Bot

     Meta Information

     Creating a Site with SEO in Mind

     Avoiding Overly Aggressive SEO Practices

     Action Items

4. Making Money with Affiliate Programs

     Kinds of Ad Programs

     Understanding Affiliate Programs

     Working with an Affiliate Program

     Action Items

5. CPC Advertising

     CPC Terminology

     Understanding Contextual Relevance

     CPC Program Vendors

     Placing CPC Ads on Your Site

     Action Items

6. Profiting from Adult Sites

     Creating Adult Sites

     Making Money with Advertising

     Publicizing Your Site

     Action Items

Part II. Getting the Most from AdSense

7. Understanding Google, AdSense, and AdWords

     The Syntax of a Google Query

     Google's Parts

     Automated Ad Brokering: AdSense and AdWords

     Action Items

8. Working with AdSense

     Applying for an AdSense Account

     Setting Account Options

     AdSense Content and AdSense Search

     AdSense Ad Settings

     AdSense Search Settings

     Action Items

9. Making Sense of AdSense

     Ad Performance

     Search Performance

     Your Earnings

     Tools Beyond AdSense for Tracking

     Action Items

Part III. Working with AdWords

10. Using AdWords

     Signing up for an Account

     Creating and Editing Ad Campaigns

     Ad Groups

     Site Targeting

     Getting a Client Manager Account

     Action Items

11. Improving Campaign and Ad Group Performance

     Monitoring Your AdWords Activity

     Optimizing Your Ads

     Modifying Your Campaigns

     Action Items

12. AdWords Reporting and Conversion Tracking

     Using AdWords Reports

     Working with Conversion Tracking

     Action Items

Part IV. Using the AdWords APIs

13. Understanding the AdWords API

     Introducing the AdWords API

     Working with the AdWords API Web Service

     The AdWords API Services

     Signing up for a Developer Token

     Action Items

14. Programming the AdWords API

     Using the AdWords API with PHP

     Creating the Campaign Web Service Client

     Creating a Campaign

     Creating an AdGroup

     Adding an Ad

     Adding Keywords

     Verifying Your Creation

     Action Items

15. Navigating the AdWords Objects Hierarchy

     Working with the AdWords API Web Services

     Creating Authentication Information

     Iterating Through the AdWords Hierarchy

     Action Items

16. Keyword Estimation

     KeywordEstimatorService Messages and Responses

     Keyword Requests and Estimates

     Getting User Information

     Returning the Keyword Estimate

     Action Items





當談到在網路上做廣告時,數字是無法否認的。今天價值70億美元的市場預計到2010年將增長到189億美元。Jupiter Research還估計,到2010年,搜尋廣告將比展示廣告佔據更大的市場份額。這些驚人的數字主要歸功於Google,它改變了世界發布內容和廣告的方式。

《Google廣告工具》是O'Reilly出版的一本書,探討了在網路上通過內容和廣告賺錢的業務和技術。這本專注且易於閱讀的指南向您展示如何使用Google的廣告服務實現這一目標。您將找到所有背景資訊,以便使用Google AdSense,該服務會自動提供與您的網站精確相符的文字和圖像廣告,以及Google AdWords,該服務允許您生成與特定搜索結果相關的文字廣告。

- 使用AdSense將您的網站轉化為利潤中心
- 理解AdSense指標
- 增加網站流量
- 優化網站以提高搜索引擎排名
- 使用AdWords進行廣告活動、競標和報告
- 使用AdWords API動態管理廣告活動



1. 建立受歡迎的網站
2. 增加網站流量
3. 優化網站以提高搜索引擎排名
4. 通過聯盟計劃賺錢