Google Apps: The Missing Manual (Paperback)

Nancy Conner

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2008-05-01
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0596515790
  • ISBN-13: 9780596515799
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Among its many amazing applications, Google now has web-based alternatives to many of the applications in Microsoft Office. This comprehensive and easy-to-follow new book enables you to explore Google's new office applications in detail. Once you do, you'll be in good company -- more than 100,000 small businesses and some corporations are already looking to take advantage of these free Google offerings.

Google Apps: The Missing Manual teaches you how to use three relatively new applications from Google: "Docs and Spreadsheets", which provide many of the same core tools that you find in Word and Excel; and Google Calendar and Gmail, the applications that offer an alternative to Outlook. This book demonstrates how these applications together can ease your ability to collaborate with others, and allow you access to your documents, mail and appointments from any computer at any location.

Of course, as remarkable as these applications are, Google's office suite is definitely a work-in-progress. Navigating what you can and can't do and -- more importantly -- understanding how to do it isn't always easy. And good luck finding enough help online. Google Apps: The Missing Manual is the one book you need to get the most out of this increasingly useful part of the Google empire. This book:

  • Explains how to create, save and share each of Google's web-based office applications
  • Offers separate sections for Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, and Gmail
  • Demonstrates how to use these applications in conjunction with one another
  • Gives you crystal-clear and jargon-free explanations that will satisfy users of all technical levels
Many of you already use Gmail, but do you know its full potential? Do you know how you can increase its power by using Gmail with Doc and Spreadsheets and Google Calendar? You'll find out with Google Apps: The Missing Manual. You'll also come to understand why large corporations such as General Electric and Proctor & Gamble are taking a long, hard look at these applications.


在眾多令人驚嘆的應用中,Google現在提供了許多可以替代Microsoft Office應用程式的網頁版替代方案。這本全面且易於理解的新書讓您能夠詳細了解Google的新辦公應用程式。一旦您瞭解了這些應用程式,您將加入一個庞大的群體——已有超過10萬家小型企業和一些大公司正在尋求利用這些免費的Google應用程式。

《Google Apps: The Missing Manual》教您如何使用Google的三個相對較新的應用程式:「文件和試算表」,它們提供了與Word和Excel中的核心工具相似的功能;以及Google日曆和Gmail,它們提供了Outlook的替代方案。本書演示了這些應用程式如何協助您與他人協作,並允許您在任何位置的任何電腦上訪問您的文件、郵件和約會。

當然,儘管這些應用程式非常出色,但Google的辦公套件仍然在不斷發展中。了解您可以做什麼和不能做什麼,更重要的是,了解如何做,並不總是容易的。在線上尋找足夠的幫助也並不容易。《Google Apps: The Missing Manual》是您需要的唯一一本書,讓您充分利用Google帝國中這個越來越有用的部分。本書:

- 解釋如何創建、保存和共享Google的每個網頁版辦公應用程式
- 分別為「文件和試算表」、Google日曆和Gmail提供獨立的章節
- 演示如何將這些應用程式結合使用
- 提供清晰明確且不帶行話的解釋,滿足各種技術水平的使用者需求

許多人已經在使用Gmail,但您是否瞭解其全部潛力?您是否知道如何通過將Gmail與文件和試算表以及Google日曆結合使用來增強其功能?閱讀《Google Apps: The Missing Manual》,您將獲得答案。您還將瞭解為什麼像通用電氣和寶潔這樣的大公司正在仔細研究這些應用程式。