Google Powered: Productivity with Online Tools

Jerri L. Ledford

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  • 出版日期: 2007-01-23
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If you're on a budget (and who isn't, these days) it's hard to beat free office productivity tools. They're online, which saves time when you need to share and collaborate on projects. And everything you need to know to get started using these eight great programs is right in these pages. There's a section devoted to each application, so finding and using the information is easy.

Create documents, crunch numbers, e-mail with Gmail, build Web sites, share photos, track calendars, and more - without that hefty price tag. Feel the power.
* Create and edit documents with Google Docs
* Use all the features of Google Spreadsheets and collaborate with others
* Build professional-looking Web sites with Google Page Creator and publish them for free
* Keep track of your life with Google Calendar
* Take notes while you're online and share them using Google Notebook
* Communicate using voice, chat, or e-mail-all with Google Talk
* Discover why Gmail may be the best e-mail program available
* Upload your digital photos to Picasa, organize and share them, and even post some to your blog

Companion Web site: Visit to find additional tips, tricks, and updated information about Google productivity tools, as well as possible opportunities to participate in beta testing.
Table of Contents


Part I Getting to Know Google.

Chapter 1 Buried Treasures.

Google Is More Than Search.

What You Can Do with Google.

What’s Not Covered Here.

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Google.

You Need a Google Account.

Getting Around Google’s Pages.

Personalizing Google.

Finding Google Applications.

Google Extras.

Part II Google Docs.

Chapter 3 Welcome to Google Docs.

Why Use Google Docs?

Signing Up for Google Docs.

Navigating Google Docs.

Finding Documents.

Additional Navigation.

Navigating Within a Document.

Chapter 4 Working with Documents.

Starting a New Document.

Uploading Documents.

Editing and Formatting Documents.

Using the Insert Menu.

Insert an Image.

Insert a Link.

Insert Comments.

Insert a Table.

Insert a Bookmark.

Using Separators.

Using Special Characters.

Using the Styles and Fonts.

Saving and Deleting Documents.

Moving On.

Chapter 5 Do More with Google Docs.

Collaborating with Google Docs.

Why Collaborate?

Invite Collaborators.

Blogging with Google Docs.

Publishing Blog Posts.

Editing Published Posts.

Publishing with Google Docs.

Publish in Print.

Publish to a File.

Publish Electronically.

Moving On.

Chapter 6 Revising Documents.

Google Docs Revision Tools.

View Revision History.

Comparing Revisions.

Browse Revisions.

Adding RSS Feeds.

Moving On.

Part III Google Spreadsheets.

Chapter 7 Google Spreadsheets.

Why Use Google Spreadsheets ?

Navigating Google Spreadsheets.

Navigational Structure.

Tabs, Buttons, and Links.

Sheet Navigation.

Keyboard Navigation.

Moving On.

Chapter 8 New Spreadsheets.

Starting a New Spreadsheet.

Opening Existing Spreadsheets.

Uploading Existing Spreadsheets.

Editing and Formatting Spreadsheets.

Adding Data to Cells.


Using Formulas.

Changing and Merging Cells.

Changing the Size of Cells and Columns.

Merging Cells.

Adding Visual Effects.

Saving and Deleting Spreadsheets.

Saving a Spreadsheet.

Downloading a Spreadsheet.

Moving On.

Chapter 9 Do More with Spreadsheets.

Creating Financial Spreadsheets.

More About Formulas.

Select a Formula.

Type a Formula.

Formatting Numbers.

Sorting and Freezing.

Creating Text Spreadsheets.

Moving On.

Chapter 10 Collaborating and Sharing.

Sharing Spreadsheets.

Removing Viewers.

Real-Time Editing and Collaboration.

Chat with Viewers and Editors.

Real-Time Editing.

Unsharing a Spreadsheet.

Printing Spreadsheets.

Moving On.

Part IV Google Page Creator.

Chapter 11 Welcome to Page Creator.

Why Use Page Creator?

Navigating Page Creator.

Moving On.

Chapter 12 Creating a Web Site.

Creating a Web Site.

Choosing a Layout.

Adding Pages.

Changing and Editing Links.

Adding Graphic Links.

Saving Your Pages.

Moving On.

Chapter 13 Editing Your Web Site.

Changing Your Site Layout.

Adding and Editing Text.

Headings and Text Structure.

Adding Color and Effects.

Adding Graphics to Your Web Site.

Moving On.

Chapter 14 Publishing Your Web Site.

Space Limitations.

Publishing Your Site.

Unpublishing Your Site.

Moving On.

Part V Google Calendar.

Chapter 15 Hello, Google Calendar.

Why Use Google Calendar?

Navigating Google Calendar.

Setting Your Settings.

Moving On.

Chapter 16 Using Google Calendar.

Creating New Calendars.

Adding Other Calendars.

Public Calendars.

Friends’ Calendars.

Holiday Calendars.

Public Calendar Address.

Viewing Some or All Calendars.

Adding Appointments.

Inviting Others to an Appointment.

Create Event Option.

Using Quick Add.

Adding Appointments from Gmail.

Personalizing Calendars.

Setting Notifications.

Moving On.

Chapter 17 Even More Calendar Tools.

Using an RSS Reader.

Resetting URLs.

Embedding Your Calendar in Your Web Site or Blog.

Importing Calendars.

Deleting Appointments.

Unsharing Calendars.

Searching Calendars.

Printing Calendars.

Moving On.

Part VI Google Notebook.

Chapter 18 Hello, Google Notebook.

Why Use Google Notebook?

Navigating Google Notebook.

Default and Custom Notebooks.

Add Notes.

Using the Browser Plug-In.

Navigating Notebooks.

More Notebook Actions.

Sharing Your Notebook.

Moving On.

Chapter 19 Google Notebook Mini.

Locating the Mini.

Adding to the Mini.

Editing Notes.

Organizing Your Notebook Mini.

Editing and Removing Notes and Headings.

Moving On.

Chapter 20 Using Notebook: Full-Page.

Viewing the Full-Page Notebook.

Editing and Changing Your Notebook.

Rearranging Your Notes.

Searching for Notes.

Printing Your Notebook.

Moving On.

Chapter 21 Sharing Your Notebooks.

Which Notebooks to Share?

Sharing Your Notebooks.

Managing Collaborators.

Publishing Your Notebook.

Unpublishing Your Notebook.

Moving On.

Part VII Google Talk.

Chapter 22 Welcome to Google Talk.

Why Use Google Talk?

Downloading and Installing Google Talk.

Moving On.

Chapter 23 Instant Messaging.

Using Google Talk for Chat.

Set Up a Contact List.

Chatting with Others.

Chat Logs.

Sending Files by Chat.

Chat to E-mail.

Moving On.

Chapter 24 Google Conversations.

Equipment Needed.

Having a Conversation.

Voice Mail.

Moving On.

Part VIII Gmail.

Chapter 25 Welcome to Gmail.

Why Use Gmail?

Navigating Gmail.

Getting Started.

General Navigation.

Gmail Settings.

Searching Gmail.

Moving On.

Chapter 26 Using Gmail.

Creating and Editing Messages.

Editing Your Message Text.

Adding Attachments.

Sending and Receiving Messages.

Receiving Messages.

Saving and Deleting Messages.

Starring Messages.

Moving On.

Chapter 27 Additional Gmail Features.

Filtering E-mail.

Using Auto-Responders.

Forwarding Messages.

Going Mobile.

Moving On.

Part IX Picasa.

Chapter 28 Welcome to Picasa.

Why Use Picasa?

Download and Install Picasa.

Navigating Picasa.

Standard Toolbar.

Actions Toolbar.

Search Options.

Library Menu.

Additional Actions.

Main Selection and Navigation.

Moving On.

Chapter 29 Using Picasa for Pictures.

Uploading Pictures to Picasa.

Organizing Pictures.

Editing and Adding Effects to Your Photos.

Moving On.

Chapter 30 Finishing Your Photos.

Printing Your Photos.

Sharing Your Pictures.


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