Ajax on Rails (Paperback)

Scott Raymond

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  • 出版日期: 2007-01-13
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596527446
  • ISBN-13: 9780596527440
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Learn to build dynamic, interactive web applications using the two most important approaches to web development today: Ajax and the phenomenally efficient Ruby on Rails platform. This book teaches intermediate to advanced web developers how to use both Ajax and Rails to quickly build high-performance, scalable applications without being overwhelmed with thousands of lines of JavaScript code. More than just recipes, you also get a thorough, low-level understanding of what's happening under the hood.
  • Ajax on Rails includes three fully worked out Rails/Ajax applications, and quick reference sections for Prototype and script.aculo.us.
  • Testing lessons show you how to eliminate cross-browser JavaScript errors and DOM debugging nightmares using a combination of Firebug, and Venkman.
  • Advanced material explains the most current design practices for Ajax usability. You'll learn to avoid user experience mistakes with proven design patterns.
Beyond the how-to, Ajax on Rails helps you consider when Ajax is (and isn't) appropriate, and the trade-offs associated with it. For those new to Rails, this book provides a quick introduction, the big picture, a walk through the installation process, and some tips on getting started. If you've already started working with Rails and seek to deepen your skill set, you'll find dozens of examples drawn from real-world projects, exhaustive reference for every relevant feature, and expert advice on how to "Ajaxify" your applications.
Table of Contents


1. Introduction

     Who This Book Is For

     What Ajax Is

     What Rails Is

     `You Got Your Ajax in My Rails!'

     Getting Up to Speed


2. Getting Our Feet Wet

     The Old-Fashioned Way

     JavaScript Libraries and Prototype

     Bringing Rails into the Picture


3. Introducing Prototype

     Setting the Stage

     Ajax Links


     Ajax Forms


     Form Observers


4. Introducing script.aculo.us

     Visual Effects

     Drag and Drop


5. RJS

     Instructions Instead of Data

     Putting the R in RJS

     A Real-World Example


6. Ajax Usability

     Principles of Usability

     The Context of the Web

     Usability on the Web

     Cross-Platform Development


7. Testing and Debugging




8. Security

     Healthy Skepticism: Don't Trust User Input

     Hashing Passwords

     Silencing Logs

     The Same-Origin Policy

     The Use and Abuse of HTTP Methods

     Encryption and Secure Certificates

     The Rails Security Mailing List


9. Performance

     Development and Production Environments

     Session Stores

     Output Caching

     Asset Packaging

     Dealing with Long-Running Tasks


10. Prototype Reference

     Ajax Support

     DOM Manipulation

     Core Extensions

11. script.aculo.us Reference

     Visual Effects

     Drag and Drop


     Element Extensions

     DOM Builder

     JavaScript Unit Testing

     Utility Methods

A. Review Quiz

B. Photo Gallery

C. Intranet Workgroup Collaboration




學習使用兩種當今最重要的網頁開發方法:Ajax和效率驚人的Ruby on Rails平台,來建立動態、互動的網頁應用程式。本書教導中高階網頁開發人員如何使用Ajax和Rails快速建立高效能、可擴展的應用程式,而不需要被數千行JavaScript代碼所淹沒。除了提供實用的範例,你還能深入了解底層的運作原理。

Ajax on Rails包含三個完整的Rails/Ajax應用程式,以及Prototype和script.aculo.us的快速參考部分。測試課程將教你如何使用Firebug和Venkman結合來消除跨瀏覽器的JavaScript錯誤和DOM調試困擾。進階內容解釋了Ajax可用性的最新設計實踐。你將學習如何避免使用者體驗錯誤,並使用經過驗證的設計模式。

除了實作方法,Ajax on Rails還幫助你考慮何時使用Ajax(以及何時不使用),以及相關的權衡。對於Rails的新手,本書提供了快速入門、整體概述、安裝過程的步驟和一些入門提示。如果你已經開始使用Rails並希望深入你的技能,你將在真實項目中找到數十個例子,詳盡參考每個相關功能,以及專家建議如何將你的應用程式「Ajax化」。


1. 簡介
- 這本書適合誰
- 什麼是Ajax
- 什麼是Rails
- 「你把Ajax放進我的Rails中!」
- 快速入門
- 總結
2. 入門
- 傳統的方式
- JavaScript函式庫和Prototype
- 將Rails引入圖片
- 總結
3. 介紹Prototype
- 設定舞台
- Ajax連結
- 表單
- Ajax表單
- 按鈕
- 表單觀察者
- 總結
4. 介紹script.aculo.us
- 視覺效果
- 拖放
- 總結
5. RJS
- 使用指令而非資料
- 在RJS中加入R
- 真實世界的例子
- 總結
6. Ajax可用性
- 可用性原則
- 網頁的內容
- 網頁上的可用性