High Performance JavaScript (Paperback)

Nicholas C. Zakas

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  • 出版日期: 2010-04-13
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  • ISBN: 059680279X
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  • 相關分類: JavaScript
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If you're like most developers, you rely heavily on JavaScript to build interactive and quick-responding web applications. The problem is that all of those lines of JavaScript code can slow down your apps. This book reveals techniques and strategies to help you eliminate performance bottlenecks during development. You'll learn how to improve execution time, downloading, interaction with the DOM, page life cycle, and more.

Yahoo! frontend engineer Nicholas C. Zakas and five other JavaScript experts -- Ross Harmes, Julien Lecomte, Steven Levithan, Stoyan Stefanov, and Matt Sweeney -- demonstrate optimal ways to load code onto a page, and offer programming tips to help your JavaScript run as efficiently and quickly as possible. You'll learn the best practices to build and deploy your files to a production environment, and tools that can help you find problems once your site goes live.

  • Identify problem code and use faster alternatives to accomplish the same task
  • Improve scripts by learning how JavaScript stores and accesses data
  • Implement JavaScript code so that it doesn't slow down interaction with the DOM
  • Use optimization techniques to improve runtime performance
  • Learn ways to ensure the UI is responsive at all times
  • Achieve faster client-server communication
  • Use a build system to minify files, and HTTP compression to deliver them to the browser



雅虎前端工程師Nicholas C. Zakas和其他五位JavaScript專家--Ross Harmes、Julien Lecomte、Steven Levithan、Stoyan Stefanov和Matt Sweeney--展示了將代碼加載到頁面上的最佳方法,並提供編程技巧,以幫助你的JavaScript運行效率和速度最大化。你將學習到建立和部署文件到生產環境的最佳實踐,以及在網站上線後可以幫助你找到問題的工具。

- 辨識問題代碼並使用更快的替代方法來完成相同的任務
- 通過了解JavaScript如何存儲和訪問數據來改進腳本
- 實施JavaScript代碼,使其不會拖慢與DOM的互動
- 使用優化技術來提高運行時性能
- 學習確保UI始終響應的方法
- 實現更快的客戶端-服務器通信
- 使用構建系統來縮小文件,並使用HTTP壓縮將它們傳送到瀏覽器中