Delphi/Kylix Database Development DataCLX for Windows and Linux (Paperback)

Eric Harmon

  • 出版商: SAMS
  • 出版日期: 2001-10-23
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 432
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 067232265X
  • ISBN-13: 9780672322655
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The aim of this book is to teach cross-platform database programming to Delphi 6 or Kylix programmers. The book will assume the reader has a basic understanding of databases, such as what tables, rows, columns, fields, indexes, etc. are. It will also assume the reader has a working knowledge of Delphi and/or Kylix.

A thorough investigation of cross-platform database development using dbExpress will follow the introduction. Eric will cover topics ranging from setting up a database connection to single- and multi-tiered database applications. Along the way, he will present code snippets and small sample applications to illustrate the points being made. Also, a complete database application will be presented which will compile and run under either Delphi or Kylix, and will contain such discussed features as disconnected datasets.

Table of Contents


Who This Book Is For. How This Book Is Organized. Conventions Used in This Book. Contacting the Author.

1. Establishing and Using Database Connections.

Connecting to and Disconnecting from a Database. Retrieving Database Metadata. Executing DDL and DML Statements. Transaction Support. Providing Feedback During SQL Operations.

2. dbExpress Datasets.

What Are dbExpress Datasets? Types of Datasets. Data Manipulation. BLOB Support. Parameterized Queries. Ordering Data Returned from the Server. Master/Detail Relationships. Retrieving Schema Information.

3. Client Dataset Basics.

What Is a Client Dataset? Advantages and Disadvantages of Client Datasets. Creating Client Datasets. Populating and Manipulating Client Datasets. Navigating Client Datasets. Client Dataset Indexes. Filters and Ranges. Searching.

4. Advanced Client Dataset Operations.

Dataset Events. Disabling Data-Aware Components. BLOBs. Nested Datasets. Undo Support. Cloning Data from Another Client Dataset. Maintained Aggregates. Miscellaneous Properties.

5. Data-Aware Components.

What Are Data-Aware Components? TDataSource. Common Data-Aware Component Characteristics. Simple Data-Aware Components. VCL-Only Data-Aware Controls. Lookup Data-Aware Controls. TDBNavigator. Creating Your Own Data-Aware Components. Sample Application

6. Data-Aware Grids.

TDBGrid. TClientDataSetGrid. TDBCtrlGrid. Third-Party Data-Aware Grids.

7. Dataset Providers.

What Is a Dataset Provider? Connecting to a Dataset. Resolving Changes to Data. Provider Options. Provider Events. Changing Field Values on the Server. Intercepting Data. Optional Parameters. Master/Detail Relationships. Providing and Resolving Data from Stored Procedures and Joins. Connecting to a Local Database.

8. DataSnap.

What Is DataSnap? Creating the Application Server. Creating the Client Application. A Complete Example. The Briefcase Model. Stateless Servers. Sharing a Connection Between Multiple Client DataSets. Brokering Connections Between Multiple Servers.

9. The ConMan Application.

What Is ConMan? Database Structure. Overview of the Code. The Server Application. The Client Application. Room for Improvement.

Appendix A. Redistributing dbExpress Applications.

Redistributable Files. Licensing Issues. CD-ROM-Based Applications.

Appendix B. dbExpress Plus.

What Is dbExpress Plus? For More Information.