Novell Linux Desktop 9 User's Handbook

Joe Habraken

  • 出版商: Novell Press
  • 出版日期: 2005-11-01
  • 售價: $1,170
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,112
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 456
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0672327295
  • ISBN-13: 9780672327292
  • 相關分類: Linux
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Book Description

Novell Linux Desktop 9 User's Handbook is the official handbook to help you take control of you Novell Linux Desktop. Walk through the new Novell Linux interfaces as you learn how to use them, interact with the operating system, create files and more. Cover everything that you need to know to effectively and efficiently use the new desktop and quickly get up to speed on the latest technology from Novell with Novell Linux Desktop 9 User's Handbook.


Table of Contents


1. Start Here.

2. Starting Novell Linux Desktop.

    About Booting the NLD System and Logon Options

    Log On to the System

    About Logoff Options

    Log Off the System from the Desktop

    Shut Down the System from the Logon Manager

3. Working on the NLD Desktop.

    About the GNOME Desktop

    Navigate the GNOME Desktop

    Use the Menu System

    Manage Virtual Desktops

    Change the System Date and Time Settings

    Get Help on the GNOME Desktop

    Run a Program from the Run Application Dialog

    Access the Command Line

    About File Commands

    Use File Commands

    About System Commands

    Use System Commands

4. Modifying the NLD Desktop.

    About Modifying GNOME

    Create Desktop Icons

    Add an Item to a Panel

    Add an Item to a Menu

    About GNOME Personal Settings

    Change Personal Settings

    Change the Desktop's Background

    Change Fonts

    Select a Screensaver

    Use the Lock Screen Tool

    About Desktop Themes

    Change the Current Desktop Theme

    Add Themes to GNOME

    Change Window Preferences

5. Configuring NLD Hardware and System Settings.

    About Configuring Hardware and System Settings in NLD

    Change Keyboard Settings

    Change Mouse Settings

    About Printing and NLD

    Add and Configure a Printer

    Print to a Printer

    Manage Print Jobs

    Delete a Printer

    Configure Sound Settings

    Change the Screen Resolution

    Change Session Settings

    Change Other System Settings

6. Managing Files.

    About the Linux File Structure and Nautilus File Manager

    Configure Nautilus Preferences

    Use Nautilus to Manage Folders

    Browse and Open Files

    Find Files

    Delete Files

    Copy and Move Files

    Access Recent Files

    Access and Save Files to a USB Memory Stick

    Burn Files on a CD or DVD

    About Archiving Files

    Archive Files with File Roller

    About Backing Up and Restoring Files

    Back Up Files

    Restore Files

7. Adding and Managing Software Applications and Tools in NLD.

    About Updating and Adding Applications to NLD

    About Updating Applications Using Red Carpet

    Run Red Carpet to Update NLD Applications

    About RPMs

    Find Applications Using Red Carpet

    Install Applications Using Red Carpet

    Install and Remove Applications Using YaST

    About Installing Applications from Other Archive Types


8. Browsing the World Wide Web with Mozilla Firefox.

    About Mozilla Firefox

    Browse Web Pages

    Use Tabbed Browsing

    Print a Web Page

    Control Pop-ups in Firefox

    Access the Browsing History

    Create a Bookmark

    About Managing Bookmarks

    Move and Edit Bookmarks

    Sort Bookmarks

    About Cookies and Firefox

    Accept and Reject Cookies

    Manage Cookies

9. Using Other Internet Tools.

    About Internet Email Accounts

    Configure an Email Client

    About Instant Messaging

    Configure Gaim Instant Messenger

    Use Gaim Instant Messenger

    About Internet Usenet Newsgroups

    Configure the Pan News Reader

    Use the Pan News Reader

    About Other NLD Internet Communication Tools


10. Working with Applications.


    Start Applications

    Configure Global Options

    About Sharing Documents with Microsoft Office Users

    Start a New File

    Save a Document

    Open an Existing Document

    Get Help in

11. Creating Documents with Writer.

    About Writer

    Use the AutoPilot to Create a Document

    Format Characters

    Format Paragraphs

    About Writer Styles

    Use the Stylist

    Create a Paragraph Style

    Insert Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers

    Use Format Page Options

    Move Text

    Insert a Table

    Insert a Text Frame

    Place Graphics in a Document

    Do a Mail Merge

    About Printing in Writer

    Print a Document

12. Creating Spreadsheets with Calc.

    About Calc

    Enter Text and Data

    Enter Dates

    About Creating Formulas

    Create a Formula

    About Calc Functions

    Use the Function AutoPilot

    Select and Format Spreadsheet Cells

    Insert and Delete Columns

    Insert and Delete Rows

    Insert, Name, and Delete Sheets

    Sort and Filter Data

    About Calc Charts

    Insert and Format a Chart

    Print a Spreadsheet

13. Creating Presentations with Impress.

    About Impress

    Create a New Presentation

    Insert a New Slide

    Add Text to a Slide

    Modify Slide Layout

    Change Slide Design

    Use the Object Bar

    Insert Graphics and Other Objects

    Select a Slide Transition

    Add Slide Animation Effects

    Change the Workspace View

    Rehearse Slide Show Timings

    Change Slide Show Settings

    Run the Slide Show

    Print Slides, Notes, and Handouts

14. Managing Email and Contacts with Novell Evolution.

    About Novell Evolution

    Add an Email Account to Evolution

    About Email and Evolution

    Compose and Send Email

    Send an Email with an Attachment

    Receive and Reply to Email

    Work with Received Email Attachments

    Read, Sort, and Search Your Email

    Organize Your Email

    Use the Junk Mail Filter

    Create Virtual Folders

    About the Evolution Address Book

    Create a New Contact

    Edit an Existing Contact

    Create Contact Lists

    Search for Contacts

    Use Categories to Group Contacts

    Import Contacts

15. Staying Organized with Novell Evolution.

    About the Evolution Calendar

    Create Appointments

    Send a Meeting Invitation

    Manage Appointments and Meetings

    Create Tasks

    Create Assigned Tasks

    Create Task Lists

    Use Calendar Views

    Set Evolution Preferences

    About Synchronizing a Handheld Device with Evolution

    Delete Evolution Items

16. Using Novell iFolder.

    About Novell iFolder

    Start the iFolder Client

    Access iFolder from the Desktop

    Access Your iFolder from a Web Browser

    About Synchronizing Files

    Manually Synchronize Files

    View Files in the iFolder Conflict Bin

    Set iFolder Preferences