Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows Vista (Paperback)

Paul McFedries

  • 出版商: Hungry Minds
  • 出版日期: 2006-11-29
  • 定價: $750
  • 售價: 1.3$99
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 336
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0470045736
  • ISBN-13: 9780470045732

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* This book puts visual learners at ease by showing them how to maximize the new Windows features and interface
* Concise explanations walk readers through more than 150 Windows Vista tasks, covering everything from customizing their desktop to maintaining Windows Vista and networking with another computer or printer
* Explores the new interface and folder organization system of Vista, both of which enable users to find documents and files more easily than ever
* Covers the latest release of MovieMaker, Media Player, Internet Explorer, and the new Media Center feature added to Vista
* Features full-color screenshots and clear, step-by-step instructions
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows Vista.

Start Windows Vista.

What You Can Do with Windows Vista.

The Windows Vista Screen.

Using a Mouse with Windows Vista.

Get Help.

Activate Your Copy of Windows Vista.

Restart Windows Vista.

Shut Down Windows Vista.

Chapter 2: Launching and Working with Programs.

Install a Program.

Change or Repair a Program Installation.

Start a Program.

Understanding Program Windows.

Using Pull-Down Menus.

Using Toolbars.

Understanding Dialog Box Controls.

Using Dialog Boxes.

Work with Program Windows.

Using Scrollbars.

Switch Between Programs.

Uninstall a Program.

Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Documents.

Understanding Documents.

Create a Document.

Save a Document.

Open a Document.

Make a Copy of a Document.

Edit Document Text.

Change the Text Font.

Find Text.

Replace Text.

Insert Special Symbols.

Print a Document.

Chapter 4: Working with Images.

Open the Pictures Folder.

Preview an Image.

View Your Images.

Scan an Image.

Import Images from a Digital Camera.

Repair a Digital Image.

Print an Image.

Create a DVD Slide Show for Your Images.

Chapter 5: Playing Music and Other Media.

Open and Close Windows Media Player.

Navigate the Media Player Window.

Using the Library.

Play an Audio or a Video File.

Adjust the Volume.

Play a Music CD.

Copy Tracks from a Music CD.

Create a Playlist.

Burn Music Files to a CD.

Play a DVD.102

Navigate a DVD.

Connect Your PC and Your Home Theater.

What You Can Do with Media Center.

Open and Close Media Center.

Navigate the Media Center Window.

Run a Media Center Slide Show.

Chapter 6: Working with Files.

View Your Files.

Select a File.

Change the File View.

Preview a File.

Copy a File.

Move a File.

Copy Files to a CD or DVD.

Rename a File.

Create a New File.

Delete a File.

Restore a Deleted File.

Add Tags to a File.

Search for a File.

Extract Files from a Compressed Folder.

Chapter 7: Sharing Your Computer with Others.

Display User Accounts.

Create a User Account.

Switch Between Accounts.

Change a User’s Name.

Protect an Account with a Password.148

Change a User’s Picture.

Delete an Account.

Share a Document or Folder.

Set Up Parental Controls.

Open the Network and Sharing Center.

Connect to a Wireless Network.

View Network Resources.

Print over the Network.

Chapter 8: Using Windows Vista's Notebook Features.

Display Mobility Settings.

Display Power Options.

Customize a Power Plan.

Configure Power Buttons.

Input Text with a Pen.

Synchronize Files Between Computers.

Insert a PC Card.

Remove a PC Card.

Configure Presentation Settings.

Chapter 9: Getting Connected to the Internet.

Understanding Internet Connections.

Get an Internet Connection Started.

Create a Wireless Connection.

Create a Broadband Connection.

Create a Dial-Up Connection.

Connect to the Internet.

Disconnect from the Internet.

Make Your Internet Connection More Secure.

Chapter 10: Surfing the World Wide Web.

Understanding the World Wide Web.

Start Internet Explorer.

Navigate Internet Explorer.

Select a Link.

Enter a Web Page Address.

Open a Web Page in a Tab.

Navigate Web Pages.

Navigate with the History List.

Change Your Home Page.

Save Favorite Web Pages.

Search for Sites.

Chapter 11: Sending andf Receiving E-mail.

Start Windows Mail.

Navigate Windows Mail.

Send an E-mail Message.

Add Someone to Your Contacts.

Select a Contact Address.

Add a File Attachment.

Add a Signature.

Receive and Read E-mail Messages.

Reply to a Message.

Forward a Message.

Open and Save an Attachment.

Create a Folder for Saving Messages.

Create Rules to Filter Incoming Messages.

Block a Person Who Sends You Junk Mail.

Chapter 12: Tracking Appointments and Tasks.

Start Windows Calendar.

Navigate Windows Calendar.

Display a Different Date.

Create an Appointment.

Create a Task.

Chapter 13: Customizing Windows Vista.

Open the Personalization Window.

Change the Desktop Background.

Set the Screen Saver.

Change the Windows Vista Color Scheme.

Save a Custom Desktop Theme.

Add a Gadget to the Sidebar.

Customize the Start Menu.

Customize the Taskbar.

Chapter 14: Maintaing Windows Vista.

Check Hard Drive Free Space.

Delete Unnecessary Files.

Defragment Your Hard Drive on a Schedule.

Check Your Hard Drive for Errors.

Set Up Automatic Updates.

Create a System Restore Point.

Apply a System Restore Point.

Back Up Files.

Restore Backed-up Files.