Sams Teach Yourself AngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery All in One (Paperback)

Brad Dayley, Brendan Dayley

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  • 出版日期: 2015-08-15
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Learn AngularJS, JavaScript and jQuery Web Application Development 

In just a short time, you can learn the basics of the JavaScript language, jQuery library, and AngularJS framework – and find out how to use them to build well-designed, reusable components for web applications.

Sams Teach Yourself AngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery All in One  assumes absolutely no previous knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery. The authors begin by helping students gain the relevant JavaScript skills they need, introducing JavaScript in a way specifically designed for modern AngularJS web development. 

Each short, easy lesson builds on all that's come before, teaching new concepts and techniques from the ground up, through practical examples and hands-on problem solving.


As you complete the lessons in this book, you'll gain a practical understanding of how to provide rich user interactions in your web pages, adding dynamic code that allows web pages to instantly react to mouse clicks and finger swipes, and interact with back-end services to store and retrieve data from the web server.


Learn how to:

  • Create powerful, highly interactive single-page web applications
  • Leverage AngularJS’s innovative MVC approach to web development
  • Use JavaScript in modern frameworks
  • Implement JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS together in web pages
  • Dynamically modify page elements in the browser
  • Use browser events to interact with the user directly
  • Implement client-side services that interact with web servers
  • Integrate rich user interface components, including zoomable images and expandable lists
  • Enhance user experience by creating AngularJS templates with built-in directives
  • Bind user interface elements and events to the data model to add flexibility and support more robust interactivity
  • Define custom AngularJS directives to extend HTML’s capabilities
  • Build dynamic browser views to provide richer user interaction
  • Create custom services you can integrate into many AngularJS applications
  • Develop a well-structured code base that’s easy to reuse and maintain

Contents at a Glance

Part I: An Introduction to AngularJS, jQuery, and JavaScript Development

1 Introduction to Dynamic Web Programming

2 Debugging JavaScript in Web Pages

3 Understanding Dynamic Web Page Anatomy

4 Adding CSS/CSS3 Styles to Allow Dynamic Design and Layout 

5 Jumping into jQuery and JavaScript Syntax

6 Understanding and Using JavaScript Objects

Part II: Implementing jQuery and JavaScript in Web Pages

7 Accessing DOM Elements Using JavaScript and jQuery Objects

8 Navigating and Manipulating jQuery Objects and DOM Elements with jQuery

9 Applying JavaScript and jQuery Events for Richly Interactive Web Pages 

10 Dynamically Accessing and Manipulating Web Pages with JavaScript and jQuery

11 Working with Window, Browser, and Other Non-Web Page Elements

Part III: Building Richly Interactive Web Pages with jQuery

12 Enhancing User Interaction Through jQuery Animation and Other Special Effects

13 Interacting with Web Forms in jQuery and JavaScript

14 Creating Advanced Web Page Elements in jQuery

15 Accessing Server-Side Data via JavaScript and jQuery AJAX Requests

Part IV: Utilizing jQuery UI

16 Introducing jQuery UI

17 Using jQuery UI Effects

18 Advanced Interactions With jQuery UI Interaction Widgets

19 Using jQuery UI Widgets to Add Rich Interactions to Web Pages

Part V: Building Web Applications with AngularJS

20 Getting Started with AngularJS

21 Understanding AngularJS Application Dynamics

22 Implementing the Scope as a Data Model

23 Using AngularJS Templates to Create Views

24 Implementing Directives in AngularJS Views

25 Creating Your Own Custom Directives to Extend HTML

26 Using Events to Interact with Data in the Model

27 Implementing AngularJS Services in Web Applications

28 Creating Your Own Custom AngularJS Services

29 Creating Rich Web Application Components the AngularJS Way


學習 AngularJS、JavaScript 和 jQuery 網頁應用程式開發

在短時間內,您可以學習 JavaScript 語言、jQuery 函式庫和 AngularJS 框架的基礎知識,並了解如何使用它們來建立設計良好、可重複使用的網頁應用程式元件。

《Sams Teach Yourself AngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery All in One》假設您對 JavaScript 或 jQuery 完全沒有先備知識。作者們首先幫助學生獲得所需的 JavaScript 技能,以特別為現代 AngularJS 網頁開發設計的方式介紹 JavaScript。



- 創建功能強大、高度互動的單頁網頁應用程式
- 利用 AngularJS 創新的 MVC 方法進行網頁開發
- 在現代框架中使用 JavaScript
- 在網頁中同時實現 JavaScript、jQuery 和 AngularJS
- 在瀏覽器中動態修改頁面元素
- 使用瀏覽器事件直接與使用者互動
- 實現與網頁伺服器互動的客戶端服務
- 整合豐富的使用者介面元件,包括可縮放圖像和可展開列表
- 通過創建具有內建指令的 AngularJS 模板來增強使用者體驗
- 將使用者介面元素和事件綁定到數據模型,以增加靈活性並支援更強大的互動性
- 定義自定義的 AngularJS 指令以擴展 HTML 的功能
- 建立動態瀏覽器視圖,提供更豐富的使用者互動
- 創建可集成到許多 AngularJS 應用程式中的自定義服務
- 開發易於重複使用和維護的結構良好的程式碼庫

第一部分:AngularJS、jQuery 和 JavaScript 開發簡介
1. 動態網頁程式設計簡介
2. 在網頁中進行 JavaScript 偵錯
3. 了解動態網頁結構
4. 添加 CSS/CSS3 樣式以實現動態設計和佈局
5. 進入 jQuery 和 JavaScript 語法
6. 理解並使用 JavaScript 物件

第二部分:在網頁中實現 jQuery 和 JavaScript
7. 使用 JavaScript 和 jQuery 物件訪問 DOM 元素
8. 使用 JavaScript 和 jQuery 導航和管理 DOM 元素