This Wired Home: The Microsoft Guide to Home Networking, 3/e

Alan Neibauer

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  • 出版日期: 2002-03-27
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  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,112
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 505
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735614946
  • ISBN-13: 9780735614949
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If you can plug in a PC, you can build your own home network!

Are there two or more computers in your house—but only one printer? Do your kids want to play games on the Internet at the same time you want to check e-mail? Is your entire household competing for the same dial tone?

If you run more than one PC under your roof, THIS WIRED HOME can show you how to build a simple network—wired or wireless—and quickly multiply the computing power for your family or home office.

Just follow easy step-by-step instructions to create a secure and reliable network that can grow as your family or business grows. This how-to guide is written in plain, nontechnical language, so you can put the information to work right away.

You’ll learn how to:

• Match a networking solution to your needs—from networks that run on your home power lines to broadband and wireless systems
• Find the best free and low-cost connection software—including using the built-in capabilities in Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000 Professional, and earlier versions of Windows for the home
• Share a single dial-up, DSL, or cable modem Internet connection
• Hook up PCs and Macs on the same network
• Create a firewall, use encryption, and learn other security measures
• Use your network to keep a central calendar, share files, play games, and dial in from the road
• Make wiring and setup decisions now that can evolve for future networking, entertainment, and home automation technologies

Like any home improvement project, all you need to build your own network is some guidance and the right tools. And with THIS WIRED HOME, you get the tips, tricks of the trade, and the confidence to do it yourself!


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xiii
    Introduction xv
CHAPTER 1   Why Set Up a Network? 3
    Sharing an Internet Connection 4
        Don't Worry if the Line Is Busy 5
        Getting the Most from Broadband 5
        The Bottom Line 7
    Sharing Printers 7
        Putting the Printer Online 9
        The Bottom Line 10
    Sharing Files and Folders 11
        Avoiding the Floppy Shuffle 11
        Making Files Easy to Find 11
        Keeping Documents Current 12
        Working Together 12
        Safeguarding Important Documents 13
        The Bottom Line 14
    Sharing CD–ROMs and Removable Drives 14
        Escaping the CD Shuffle 14
        Adding Zip to Your Life 15
        The Bottom Line 16
    Communicating with Others 16
        Using an Electronic Intercom 16
        Staying in Touch 17
        The Bottom Line 17
    Playing Family Games 18
        Setting Up for Multiplayer Gaming 18
        The Bottom Line 18
    Bridging PCs and Macs 19
    Making It Educational 19
    Home Entertainment and Automation 20
        The Bottom Line 20
CHAPTER 2   Getting Connected Without a Network 21
    When Sharing a Printer Is Enough 21
        Using Printer Switches 22
        Putting It on Automatic 26
    Making a Direct Connection 29
        One Simple Cable Is All It Takes 30
        Installing the Software 31
        Choosing a Protocol 32
        Setting Up a Direct Cable Connection 34
        Using a Direct Cable Connection 39
        Using a Direct Connection with Windows 2000 or Windows XP 40
    Another Way to Share Files and Printers 50
    Going Wireless with Infrared 54
    What to Do with an Old CPU 56
    The Bottom Line 58
CHAPTER 3   Planning a Network 59
    A Little Network Preamble 59
    Deciding on Network Control 61
        Setting Up a Level Playing Field 62
        Putting Someone in Charge 64
    Deciding on the Connection 67
    Planning for Internet Sharing 70
    Planning for the Future 70
    Understanding Networking Software 71
        Network Drivers 71
        Network Operating Systems 72
    The Bottom Line 72
CHAPTER 4   Types of Networks 73
    Wired Ethernet 73
        Types of Cable 74
        Fiber Optics 78
    Wireless Networks 79
        Competing Protocols 80
        The Pros and Cons of Going Wireless 81
        Choosing a Wireless System 82
    Phone-Line Networks 84
        The Pros and Cons of Phone-Line Networks 84
        Choosing a Phone-Line System 85
    USB Direct Cable Networks 85
        Choosing a USB Network System 87
    Power-Line Networks 90
        The Pros and Cons of Power-Line Networks 90
        Choosing a Power-Line System 91
    Bridging Network Types 91
    Home Automation Networks 94
        Home Entertainment 94
        Telephone and Intercom 94
        Security 95
        Home Automation 95
        Environmental Controls 95
    The Bottom Line 96
CHAPTER 5   Installing Network Cards and Adapters 99
    Are You Network-Ready? 99
    Working Without Cards 100
    Cook It Yourself or Order Out? 102
        Installing a Network Card Yourself 102
        Finding Someone Else to Do It 103
    Buying and Installing a Network Card 104
        It's All in the Cards 104
        Catching the Right Bus 105
        The Whole Kit and Caboodle 109
        Where to Shop? 109
        Playing the Card Game 111
        Installing the Card 112
        Installing ISA Cards 115
    The Bottom Line 117
CHAPTER 6   Connecting Your Network 119
    Connecting an Ethernet Network 119
        Running the Cable 119
        Using Twisted-Pair Cable 121
        Using Thin Ethernet Coaxial Cable 131
        Good Cabling Equals Good Networking 133
        Accessorizing Your Installation 135
        Expanding Your Ethernet Network 136
        Alternatives to Hubs 138
    Creating a Wireless Network 140
        Extending Wireless Networks 141
    Connecting Other Network Types 147
        Phone-Line Networks 147
        Power-Line Networks 149
        USB Networks 149
    Getting Wired for the Future 150
        The X10 Files 152
    The Bottom Line 153
CHAPTER 7   Installing the Software 157
    Installing Network Drivers 158
        Loading Drivers Automatically 158
        Installing Drivers Manually 160
        Installing Drivers for Non-Plug-and-Play NICs 163
    Configuring Windows for Networking 165
        Using the Home Networking Wizard 165
        Configuring Windows Networks 168
        Installing Protocols 171
        Selecting Network Services 174
        Identifying Your Computer on the Network 176
        Configuring TCP/IP 177
    Windows XP Bridges 185
        Creating a Bridge Using the Wizard 185
        Creating A Bridge Manually 187
    Setting Up Wireless Networks 187
        Setting Up Wireless Encryption 191
        Windows XP Wireless 194
        Access Points 196
    Welcome to the Neighborhood! 200
        Accessing the Network in Windows 95 or Windows 98 200
        Accessing the Network in Windows Me 202
        Accessing the Network in Windows 2000 203
        Accessing the Network in Windows XP 203
    Troubleshooting 204
        Browsing the Network 204
        Checking Network Settings 204
        Checking the Master Browser 205
        Troubleshooting Hardware Conflicts 207
    The Bottom Line 209
CHAPTER 8   Creating User Profiles 211
    What's in a Profile? 211
    Using Profiles in Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me 213
        Turning On Profiles 213
        Adding Users 214
        Logging On as a Different User 217
        Locating Your Folders 219
        Changing Passwords 220
    Using Profiles in Windows 2000 224
    Using Profiles in Windows XP 227
        Adding a User 228
        Modifying a User Account 229
        Logging On a Different User 229
        Shared and Private Folders 231
    The Bottom Line 233
CHAPTER 9   Learning to Share 235
    Turning On File Sharing 235
    Sharing and Accessing Network Resources 237
        Sharing a Hard Disk 238
        Sharing Folders 241
        Accessing Shared Disks and Folders 241
        Making Sharing Easier 247
        Working with Remote Files 252
    Sharing in Windows 2000 262
        Turning On File Sharing 263
        Sharing Drives 263
        Sharing Folders 266
    Sharing in Windows XP 266
        Turning On File Sharing 267
        Sharing Drives 267
        Sharing Folders 269
    Monitoring Network Connections 269
        Monitoring Your Network in Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me 269
        Monitoring Your Network in Windows 2000 or Windows XP 270
    Sharing CDs Virtually 271
        Paragon CD Emulator 273
        Virtual CD 3 274
    Sharing Programs 276
        What Can Be Shared? 276
        Running a Program Remotely 276
        Sharing a Data File 277
    Backing Up Important Files 279
        Using Removable Disks 280
        Storing Files Remotely 280
        Using Microsoft Backup 280
        Creating Backup Jobs 282
        Using Tape Backup 284
    Network Attached Storage 286
    Sending and Receiving Pop-Up Messages 288
        Starting WinPopup 289
        Installing WinPopup 290
        Using WinPopup 291
    The Bottom Line 294
CHAPTER 10   Printing Across the Network 297
    Sharing Printers 298
        Let the Printer Beware! 298
        Setting Up Printer Sharing 299
        Installing a Printer 300
        Handling Problem Printers 305
        Sharing a Printer 306
        Accessing a Shared Printer 309
        Selecting a Different Printer on the Network 311
    Connecting Printers Directly to the Network 312
        Setting Up a Print Server 313
        Gateway Print Servers 319
    The Bottom Line 322
CHAPTER 11   Going Online Through the Network 323
    Internet Sharing Alternatives 324
        Getting Ready to Share a Modem 325
        Making Sure TCP/IP Is Installed 326
    Using Modem-Sharing Software 328
        Internet Sharing in Windows 98 and Windows Me 329
        Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 2000 339
        Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP 340
        Disconnecting from the Internet 343
        Other Software Solutions for Internet Connection Sharing 344
    Using Internet Sharing Hardware 344
        Sharing a Dial-Up Modem 345
        Sharing Broadband Internet 346
    Internet Security 363
        Turning Off Internet File Sharing 364
        Creating a Firewall 364
    The Bottom Line 369
CHAPTER 12   Playing Games 371
    Solo vs. Network Games 371
        Preparing for Network Play 372
        Selecting Games for Network Play 372
        Installing Games for Network Play 374
    Playing Games on the Network 374
        Hearts 375
        Midtown Madness 2 378
    Playing Internet Games 381
    A Few Final Tips 383
CHAPTER 13   Networking PCs and Macs 385
    Planning for Networking 386
    DAVE 3.1: A Mac-Based Solution 388
        Configuring TCP/IP on the Mac 389
        Wireless Networking 391
        Installing DAVE 393
        Accessing the Mac from a PC 396
        Accessing the PC from a Mac 398
        Communicating on the Network 401
        Sharing a Printer 403
    A Windows-Based Solution 403
        Preparing Your Macintosh 404
        Using PC MACLAN in Windows 407
        The PC MACLAN Print Server 413
    Sharing Files as a Web Server 415
    Sharing a Windows Printer 416
    Sharing an Internet Connection 418
        Windows Internet Connection Sharing 419
        Using a Proxy Server 420
        The Bottom Line 422
CHAPTER 14   Networking for Road Warriors 423
    Packing for the Road 424
    Dialing In to Your ISP 425
        Creating an Additional Dial–Up Networking Connection 428
        Connecting to Your Home Network 431
        Installing Dial–Up Server 431
        Preparing Your Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me Laptop 437
        Preparing Your Windows 2000 Laptop 439
        Preparing Your Windows XP Laptop 440
        Accessing a Home Computer Remotely 441
    Keeping in Touch with Family 442
        Starting a Meeting 446
        Using NetMeeting on a Network 447
        Using the Microsoft Internet Directory 448
        Chatting in NetMeeting 449
        Using the Whiteboard 450
        Working Together on Programs 454
        Sending and Receiving Files 456
        Controlling a Home Computer Remotely 457
    Communicating Remotely with Windows XP 458
        Remote Assistance 459
        Windows Messenger 463
    Voice over IP (VoIP) 468
    The Bottom Line 469
CHAPTER 15   Your Future Home Network 471
    Universal Plug and Play 471
    The Everyday Web 472
        The Internet in Your Hand 472
        The Latest Internet