Supplier Empowerment: Solutions for Business-to-Business E-Commerce

Andy Longshaw, Andy Longshaw Martin Harwar, Martin Harwar, Robert Hylton

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  • 出版日期: 2002-02-01
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Solutions for Business-to-Business E-Commerce

Today’s chaotic world of B2B e-commerce offers exciting possibilities—and challenges. The right solution makes it easy to differentiate your products and services and to sell more effectively to your business customers in whatever way they prefer—including their electronic procurement applications, electronic marketplaces, customer applications, and your own personalized Web site. Find out how real companies are already using B2B e-commerce to reduce costs and gain access to new markets in SUPPLIER EMPOWERMENT. You’ll also see how all the technologies and services integrated in the Microsoft® Solution for Supplier Enablement work together to help companies of all sizes increase revenue, become more agile, and decrease costs as they do so. You’ll learn about:

• THE ROLE OF SUPPLIERS IN B2B E-COMMERCE: Get an overview of current roles, terms, and trends in B2B e-commerce.
• SUPPLIER EMPOWERMENT: Discover the advantages you can gain with supplier-centric technologies, such as increasing sales and margins, reducing costs, creating a better experience for your customers, and distinguishing your company from competitors.
• TECHNOLOGY AS A STRATEGIC WEAPON FOR SUPPLIERS: Learn how best to decide which processes to automate—and how to evaluate your decisions with a cost/benefit justification framework.
• STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS: Read case studies about successful strategies and solutions for a variety of supplier needs, with discussions of costs, benefits, and tradeoffs.
• IMPLEMENTATION: Find out how to implement an extensible supplier software solution that allows you to sell effectively through multiple online channels.



Table of Contents:

Introduction vii
    What a Ride! vii
    The B2B Hype Meter viii
    Light at the End of the Tunnel? x
CHAPTER 1  The Role of Suppliers in Business-to-Business E-Commerce 1
    Introduction to B2B E-Commerce 3
    B2B E-Commerce Roles 5
    Recent Trends and New Business Models 15
    Challenges Facing Suppliers 26
    Summary: Supplier Participation in B2B E-Commerce 28
CHAPTER 2  Business-to-Business E-Commerce Objectives for Suppliers 29
    What Is Supplier Empowerment? 32
    Supplier Business Objectives 33
    Realizing Your Business Objectives 47
    Summary: Supplier Empowerment 50
CHAPTER 3  Technology as a Strategic Weapon for Suppliers 51
    Supplier Landscape 52
    Technological Challenges 59
    Technology as a Strategic Weapon 64
    Economic Justification for Your Decisions: A Framework 67
    Summary: How Suppliers Can Use Technology as a Strategic Weapon 76
CHAPTER 4  Business Strategies and Solutions 79
    Selecting a Strategy 85
    The Sliding Scale of Solutions 94
    Matching Strategies to Solutions 104
    Summary: Appropriate Selection of Strategies and Solutions 118
CHAPTER 5  Implementing a Solution 119
    Doing It for Real 119
    Identifying Resources 124
    Enabling Technologies 128
    Creating a Plan 152
    Summary: Implementing a Solution 153
CHAPTER 6  Managing the Future: Buyers, Suppliers, and Business-to-Business E-Commerce 155
    Buyers and Suppliers: Moving into the Information Age 156
    Managing Change 161
    Summary: Managing the Future 167
APPENDIX A  Empowering Kunkle Valve: A Business Value Case Study 169
    Executive Summary 170
    Supplier Enablement Drives Business Value for Entire Supply Chain 184
    Microsoft Solution for Supplier Enablement 185



• 供應商在B2B電子商務中的角色:瞭解B2B電子商務中的當前角色、術語和趨勢概述。
• 供應商賦權:發現供應商中心技術的優勢,例如增加銷售和利潤、降低成本、為客戶創造更好的體驗以及與競爭對手區分開來。
• 技術作為供應商的戰略武器:了解如何最佳決定哪些流程自動化,以及如何使用成本效益的正當化框架評估您的決策。
• 策略和解決方案:閱讀成功的供應商需求的案例研究,討論成本、效益和權衡。
• 實施:了解如何實施可擴展的供應商軟件解決方案,使您能夠通過多個在線渠道有效銷售。

- 什麼樣的旅程!
- B2B炒作指數
- 隧道盡頭的光?
第1章 供應商在企業對企業電子商務中的角色
- B2B電子商務簡介
- B2B電子商務角色
- 最近的趨勢和新的商業模式