Software Change Management: Case Studies and Practical Advice (Paperback)

Donald J. Reifer



Why is it so difficult to change organizations? What does it really take to make “process improvement” yield measurable results? For more than 30 years, Donald Riefer has been guiding software teams through the technical, organizational, and people issues that must be managed in order to make meaningful process changes—and better products. This practical guide draws from his extensive experience, featuring 11 case studies spanning the public and private sectors and even academia. Each case study illuminates the original conditions; describes options and recommendations; details reactions, outcomes, and lessons learned; and provides essential references and resources.

  • Eleven case studies provide insightful, empirical data from real-world organizations
  • Provides a broad view across organizational settings and factors, such as personnel, and technical environments, including cloud, Agile, and open source options
  • Illuminates the hard-won lessons, tradeoffs, and impacts—with advice on how to engineer successful, sustainable changes yourself


為什麼改變組織如此困難?要使「流程改善」產生可衡量的結果,究竟需要什麼?在過去30多年中,唐納德·里弗(Donald Riefer)一直在引導軟體團隊處理技術、組織和人員問題,以實現有意義的流程改變和更好的產品。這本實用指南基於他豐富的經驗,包括11個案例研究,涵蓋公共部門、私營部門甚至學術界。每個案例研究都闡明了最初的情況;描述了選擇和建議;詳細介紹了反應、結果和經驗教訓;並提供了必要的參考資料和資源。

- 十一個案例研究提供了來自真實組織的有洞察力的實證數據
- 提供了跨組織環境和因素的廣泛視角,包括人員和技術環境,如雲端、敏捷和開源選項
- 闡明了艱難的經驗教訓、權衡和影響,並提供了如何自行實現成功、可持續變革的建議