Korry Douglas, Susan Douglas

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  • 出版日期: 2003-02-23
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is the worlds most advanced open-source database. PostgreSQL is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and easy-to-read guide to this award-winning database. This book starts with a thorough overview of SQL, a description of all PostgreSQL data types, and a complete explanation of PostgreSQL commands.

If you are a developer or an administrator, youll love the chapter that explores PostgreSQL performance. The authors explain how PostgreSQL stores data on disk (and in memory) and how to measure and influence the effectiveness of PostgreSQLs caching mechanisms. Youll also learn how PostgreSQL generates and evaluates execution plans. The authors explain all of the query operators that can appear in the results of an EXPLAIN command, describing the performance implications of each operator as well as the conditions which will cause PostgreSQL to use that operator.

PostgreSQL is also a complete guide for the developer. Whether youre developing with C, C++, ODBC, Embedded SQL, Java, Tcl/Tk, Perl, Python or PHP, youll find a comprehensive description of the PostgreSQL API for your language of choice. Easy to follow exercises will walk you through the development of working applications that fully demonstrate the features offered by each API. You will also find a chapter that describes the PL/pgSQL server-side procedural language, learning how to build triggers, functions, and stored-procedures. The authors have even included a chapter that walks you through the process of extending the PostgreSQL server with custom-written C functions and new data types. The accompanying web site,, contains downloadable versions of all of the sample code and a wealth of PostgreSQL-related resources.

The last section of PostgreSQL was written for the PostgreSQL administrator. You will learn how to install PostgreSQL on Windows, Linux, and Unix systems, from source code or from pre-compiled installers. The authors have described all of the PostgreSQL configuration options (compile-time, startup, and on-the-fly). The chapter on PostgreSQL security describes all of the authentication protocols that you can choose from and describes how to secure your database, both internally and externally. If you have to support a multi-national environment, you will find the chapter on internationalization and localization to be invaluable.

You wont find a more complete guide to PostgreSQL anywhere. The authors have made PostgreSQL approachable by leading the reader from basic concepts to advanced features. Whether youre a database beginner or an advanced user, you will find this book a valuable addition to your library.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction to PostgreSQL and SQL.
2. Working with Data in PostgreSQL.
3. PostgreSQL SQL Syntax and Use.
4. Performance.


5. Introduction to PostgreSQL Programming.
6. Extending PostgreSQL.
7. PL/pgSQL.
8. The PostgreSQL C API—libpq.
9. A Simpler C API—libpgeasy.
10. The PostgreSQL C++ API—libpq++.
11. Embedding SQL Commands in C Programs—ecpg.
12. Using PostgreSQL from an ODBC Client Application.
13. Using PostgreSQL from a Java Client Application.
14. Using PostgreSQL with Perl.
15. Using PostgreSQL with PHP.
16. Using PostgreSQL with Tcl and Tcl/Tk.
17. Using PostgreSQL with Python.


18. Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration.
19. PostgreSQL Administration.
20. Internationalization and Localization.
21. Security.