Learning PostgreSQL 11: A beginner's guide to building high-performance PostgreSQL database solutions, 3rd Edition

Salahaldin Juba, Andrey Volkov

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  • 出版日期: 2019-01-31
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Leverage the power of PostgreSQL 11 to build powerful database and data warehousing applications

Key Features

  • Monitor, secure, and fine-tune your PostgreSQL 11 database
  • Learn client-side and server-side programming using SQL and PL/pgSQL
  • Discover tips on implementing efficient database solutions

Book Description

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open source database management systems in the world, and it supports advanced features included in SQL standards. This book will familiarize you with the latest features in PostgreSQL 11, and get you up and running with building efficient PostgreSQL database solutions from scratch.

Learning PostgreSQL, 11 begins by covering the concepts of relational databases and their core principles. You'll explore the Data Definition Language (DDL) and commonly used DDL commands supported by ANSI SQL. You'll also learn how to create tables, define integrity constraints, build indexes, and set up views and other schema objects. As you advance, you'll come to understand Data Manipulation Language (DML) and server-side programming capabilities using PL/pgSQL, giving you a robust background to develop, tune, test, and troubleshoot your database application. The book will guide you in exploring NoSQL capabilities and connecting to your database to manipulate data objects. You'll get to grips with using data warehousing in analytical solutions and reports, and scaling the database for high availability and performance.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained a thorough understanding of PostgreSQL 11 and developed the necessary skills to build efficient database solutions.

What you will learn

  • Understand the basics of relational databases, relational algebra, and data modeling
  • Install a PostgreSQL server, create a database, and implement your data model
  • Create tables and views, define indexes and stored procedures, and implement triggers
  • Make use of advanced data types such as Arrays, hstore, and JSONB
  • Connect your Python applications to PostgreSQL and work with data efficiently
  • Identify bottlenecks to enhance reliability and performance of database applications

Who this book is for

This book is for you if you're interested in learning about PostgreSQL from scratch. Those looking to build solid database or data warehousing applications or wanting to get up to speed with the latest features of PostgreSQL 11 will also find this book useful. No prior knowledge of database programming or administration is required to get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Relational Databases
  2. PostgreSQL in Action
  3. PostgreSQL Basic Building Blocks
  4. PostgreSQL Advanced Building Blocks
  5. SQL Language
  6. Advanced Query Writing
  7. Server-Side Programming with PL/pgSQL
  8. OLAP and Data Warehousing
  9. Beyond Conventional Data Types
  10. Transactions and Concurrency Control
  11. PostgreSQL Security
  12. The PostgreSQL Catalog
  13. Optimizing Database Performance
  14. Testing
  15. Using PostgreSQL in Python Applications
  16. Scalability
  17. What's Next?


發揮 PostgreSQL 11 的威力,打造強大的資料庫和資料倉儲應用程式

- 監控、保護和微調您的 PostgreSQL 11 資料庫
- 學習使用 SQL 和 PL/pgSQL 進行客戶端和伺服器端程式設計
- 探索實施高效資料庫解決方案的技巧

PostgreSQL 是全球最受歡迎的開源資料庫管理系統之一,並支援 SQL 標準中包含的高級功能。本書將使您熟悉 PostgreSQL 11 的最新功能,並從頭開始建立高效的 PostgreSQL 資料庫解決方案。

《學習 PostgreSQL 11》首先介紹關聯式資料庫的概念和核心原則。您將探索資料定義語言(DDL)和 ANSI SQL 支援的常用 DDL 命令。您還將學習如何創建表格、定義完整性約束、建立索引,以及設置視圖和其他模式物件。隨著進一步的學習,您將了解資料操作語言(DML)和使用 PL/pgSQL 的伺服器端程式設計能力,為您開發、微調、測試和疑難排解資料庫應用程式提供堅實的背景。本書將指導您探索 NoSQL 功能,並連接到資料庫以操作資料物件。您將熟悉在分析解決方案和報表中使用資料倉儲,以及為實現高可用性和性能而擴展資料庫。

通過閱讀本書,您將全面了解 PostgreSQL 11,並具備構建高效資料庫解決方案所需的必要技能。

- 了解關聯式資料庫、關聯代數和資料建模的基礎知識
- 安裝 PostgreSQL 伺服器,建立資料庫,並實現您的資料模型
- 創建表格和視圖,定義索引和儲存過程,並實現觸發器
- 利用高級資料類型,如陣列、hstore 和 JSONB
- 將您的 Python 應用程式連接到 PostgreSQL,並有效地處理資料
- 識別瓶頸,以提高資料庫應用程式的可靠性和性能

本書適合對從頭學習 PostgreSQL 感興趣的讀者。那些希望建立堅實的資料庫或資料倉儲應用程式,或者想要了解 PostgreSQL 11 的最新功能的讀者,也會發現本書很有用。無需事先了解資料庫程式設計或管理即可開始閱讀。

1. 關聯式資料庫
2. PostgreSQL 實戰
3. PostgreSQL 基本建構模塊
4. PostgreSQL 高級建構模塊
5. SQL 語言
6. 高級查詢撰寫
7. 使用 PL/pgSQL 的伺服器端程式設計
8. OLAP 和資料倉儲
9. 超越傳統資料類型
10. 交易和並發控制
11. PostgreSQL 安全性
12. PostgreSQL 目錄
13. 優化資料庫性能
14. 測試
15. 在 Python 應用程式中使用 PostgreSQL
16. 可擴展性
17. 下一步該怎麼做?