Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript 2.0 (Paperback)

Jeff Tapper, James Talbot, Robin Haffner

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Master the principles of object-oriented programming as it is used with the most recent version of ActionScripting.

This book is designed to provide readers with an understanding of object-oriented programming, ActionScript 2.0, and the interaction of the two. Section 1 begins with an introduction to ActionScript 2.0 and the specifics of building classes in AS2. Other topics of discussion include adding properties and methods to classes, inheritance, interfaces, inter-object communications, the details and implications of object-oriented design as a process, and working with and building components. Section 2 investigates the server side of applications. In the new Rich Internet Application paradigm, Flash MX 2004 is used as the user interface to an Internet based Client-Server application, and we will frequently need to interact with other server based technologies. Chapters discuss the importance of the server model; specific methods to interact with different server side technologies, including WebServices, XML files, and even simple text files; and the specific ramifications of working with the Flash Communication Server. Section 3 ties all of the concepts presented in the first two sections together by building a single cohesive application. Step-by-step procedures for conceptualizing and building the application are provided along with detailed coverage of how to debug and optimize the application.