Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow that Works, 2/e

Emily Cotler




If anything, this volume's premise--that the business of Web design is one of constant change-has only proven truer over time. So much so, in fact, that the 12-month design cycles cited in the last edition have shrunk to 6 or even 3 months today. Which is why, more than ever, you need a smart, practical guide that demonstrates how to plan, budget, organize, and manage your Web redesign - or even you initial design - projects from conceptualization to launch. This volume delivers! In these pages Web designer extraordinaire Kelly Goto and coauthor Emily Cotler have distilled their real-world experience into a sound approach to Web redesign workflow that is as much about business priorities as it is about good design. By focusing on where these priorities intersect, Kelly and Emily get straight to the heart of the matter. Each chapter includes a case study that illustrates a key step in the process, and you'll find a plethora of forms, checklists, and worksheets that help you put knowledge into action.


如果說有什麼不同的話,這本書的前提 - 網頁設計業務是不斷變化的 - 隨著時間的推移只變得更加真實。事實上,上一版中提到的12個月設計週期已經縮短到今天的6個甚至3個月。這就是為什麼比以往任何時候都需要一本明智、實用的指南,展示如何從概念化到上線計劃、預算、組織和管理您的網頁重新設計 - 或者甚至是您的初始設計。這本書提供了這些!在這些頁面中,網頁設計師Kelly Goto和合著者Emily Cotler將他們的實際經驗融入到一種既關注業務優先事項又關注良好設計的網頁重新設計工作流程中。通過專注於這些優先事項的交集,Kelly和Emily直接關注問題的核心。每一章都包括一個案例研究,以說明過程中的關鍵步驟,並且您將找到大量的表格、檢查表和工作表,幫助您將知識付諸行動。