Practical Process Control for Engineers and Technicians

Wolfgang Altmann




This book is aimed at engineers and technicians who need to have a clear, practical understanding of the essentials of process control, loop tuning and how to optimize the operation of their particular plant or process. The reader would typically be involved in the design, implementation and upgrading of industrial control systems. Mathematical theory has been kept to a minimum with the emphasis throughout on practical applications and useful information.

This book will enable the reader to:

  • Specify and design the loop requirements for a plant using PID control
  • Identify and apply the essential building blocks in automatic control
  • Apply the procedures for open and closed loop tuning
  • Tune control loops with significant dead-times
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of analog process control and how to tune analog loops
  • Explain concepts used by major manufacturers who use the most up-to-date technology in the process control field

    Table of Contents:

    Fundamentals of process control and new techniques, Tuning of PID control loops, Correcting stability problems, Understanding cascade loops and feed forward control, Correcting for long dead times in a loop, Cascade Control, Feedforward Control, Combined Feedback & Feedforward Control, Long Dead-time in Closed Loop Control, Alarm Handling & Process Security, Range of Control & Instrumentation in Industrial Process Control, Introduction to Statistical Process Control, Practical Applications, Expert System & Model Based Self Tuning Controllers



    - 使用PID控制規格和設計工廠的迴路需求
    - 辨識並應用自動控制中的基本組件
    - 應用開迴路和閉迴路調整程序
    - 調整具有顯著死時間的控制迴路
    - 清楚理解類比過程控制並調整類比迴路
    - 解釋主要製造商在過程控制領域中使用最新技術的概念

    - 過程控制基礎和新技術
    - PID控制迴路調整
    - 修正穩定性問題
    - 理解串聯迴路和前饋控制
    - 修正迴路中的長死時間
    - 串聯控制
    - 前饋控制
    - 結合反饋和前饋控制
    - 閉迴路控制中的長死時間
    - 警報處理和過程安全
    - 工業過程控制中的控制和儀器範圍
    - 統計過程控制入門
    - 實際應用
    - 專家系統和基於模型的自調節控制器