ISO 9001: 2000 In Brief, 2/e (Paperback)

Ray Tricker (MSc IEng FIET FCIM FIQA FIRSE), Bruce Sherring-Lucas (MIQA)




A clear and comprehensive guide to quickly set up a cost-effective Quality Management System

Revised and expanded, the new edition of this easy-to-understand guide provides practical information on how to set up a cost-effective ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Management System. With comprehensive coverage of the meaning, history and requirements of the current ISO 9000 standard, the book explains how businesses can easily and efficiently satisfy customer requirements for quality control and quality assurance. Four years into the current version of ISO 9001, the new edition of this valuable book incorporates the hard-won experiences of working with the standard, together with direct, accessible and straightforward guidance that is proven to work.

New material in this edition covers:

• The Application of the Eight Principles of Management
• Audit Basics
• Compatibility with other Management Systems and Standards
• Comprehensive Summary of the ISO 9001:2000 Requirements
• Continual Improvement Methods
• Guidance on the Six Mandatory Requirements for Written Procedures
• Process Improvement Tools - including Six-Sigma Techniques
• Process Metrics
• Setting of Quality Objectives
• The 21 Specific Requirements of Management
• The Application of Information Technology in Quality Management


Table of Contents:

Introduction; What is Quality; What is a Quality Management System; The History of Quality Standards; Who produces Quality Standards; What is ISO 9000:2000; How quality helps during a Product / Service Life Cycle; Who Controls Quality in an Organisation; What are the Purchaser’s Responsibilities; What are the Supplier’s Responsibilities; What to do once the QMS is established; Quality Management and Computer Technology; Annex A – ISO 9001:2000 – A Summary of Requirements; Abbreviations and Acronyms; References; Glossary; Useful addresses; Index


這本書是一本清晰而全面的指南,可以快速建立一個具有成本效益的品質管理系統。修訂和擴充的新版提供了實用的信息,介紹了如何建立符合ISO 9001:2000標準的成本效益的品質管理系統。本書全面介紹了當前ISO 9000標準的含義、歷史和要求,並解釋了企業如何輕鬆高效地滿足客戶對質量控制和質量保證的要求。在當前版本的ISO 9001發布四年後,這本寶貴的書籍新版納入了與該標準合作的寶貴經驗,並提供了直接、易於理解和簡單易行的指導,已被證明是有效的。

- 管理八大原則的應用
- 審核基礎知識
- 與其他管理系統和標準的兼容性
- ISO 9001:2000要求的全面摘要
- 持續改進方法
- 有關書面程序的六項強制要求的指導
- 流程改進工具,包括六西格瑪技術
- 流程指標
- 設定質量目標
- 管理的21個具體要求
- 信息技術在質量管理中的應用

- 前言
- 什麼是品質
- 什麼是品質管理系統
- 品質標準的歷史
- 誰制定品質標準
- ISO 9000:2000是什麼
- 品質在產品/服務生命周期中的作用
- 誰控制組織的品質
- 購買者的責任是什麼
- 供應商的責任是什麼
- 建立QMS後應該做什麼
- 品質管理和計算機技術
- 附錄A - ISO 9001:2000 - 要求摘要
- 縮寫和首字母縮略詞
- 參考文獻
- 詞彙表
- 有用的地址
- 索引