Prince 2 Revealed, First Edition: Including how to use Prince 2 for smaller projects

Colin Bentley

  • 出版商: Butterworth-Heineman
  • 出版日期: 2005-12-23
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0750666722
  • ISBN-13: 9780750666725
  • 相關分類: 專案管理 PM
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PRINCE2 Revealed sets out to illustrate that the use of management methods, even in smaller projects is not costly in terms of either time or money. Using the PRINCE2 Project Management Method can, in fact, save time and money whilst ensuring a higher standard of product or service. This book is suitable for Project Managers, Consultants or IT Managers, or those involved in PRINCE2 at any level. PRINCE2 Revealed has a section relevant to those who have previously used PRINCE2 on a large scale and want to know how to downsize it, or those who have experience of small projects but little or no prior knowledge of PRINCE2.

This book has been specifically written to:

  • Allow you to gain results with no prior knowledge of PRINCE2
  • Help you deliver projects to higher standards
  • Explain many elements of the method that the manual defines in rather vague terms
  • Explain how to employ PRINCE2 in the management of small projects
  • Save you time and money
  • Teach you only what you need to know of PRINCE2 to succeed in small projects

    Table Of Contents


    Part I: An Overview of PRINCE 2 Starting Up a Project; Initiating a Project; Direct a Project; Directing a Project; Controlling a Stage; Managing Product Delivery; Managing Stage Boundaries; Closing a Project; Planning; Business Case; Project Organisation; Plans; Project Controls; Quality; Risk; Change Control; Configuartion Management; Product-Based Planning; Quality Review

    Part II: Prince 2 Revealed The Project Mandate; Appointing the Executive; Appointing the Project Manager; Designing a Project Management Team; Decision Making; Writing a Project Brief; Writing Acceptance Criteria; Configuration Management; The Business Case; Project Issues; Quality; Risk; Setting Tolerances; Refining the Business Case & Risks; Planning; Writing a Product Description; Creating a Work Package; Assessing Progress; Highligh Report; On Taking Over From Another Project Manager; End Project Report; Follow-on Action Recomendations; Lessons Learned Report; Post Project Review Plan

    Part III: Managing Small Projects CHow to Manage Really Small Projects; Scaleable Smaller Projects; A Matrix Approach; A Scaled-Down Project Life Cycle; Chiselling Away; Managing Projects at GCHQ;

    Part: IV Summary



    - 讓您在沒有PRINCE2先備知識的情況下獲得成果
    - 幫助您以更高的標準交付項目
    - 解釋手冊中定義模糊的方法的許多要素
    - 解釋如何在小型項目管理中應用PRINCE2
    - 節省您的時間和金錢
    - 只教您在小型項目中成功所需的PRINCE2知識

    - 簡介
    - 第一部分:PRINCE2概述 項目啟動;項目啟動;項目指導;項目控制;產品交付管理;階段邊界管理;項目結束;計劃;商業案例;項目組織;計劃;項目控制;品質;風險;變更控制;配置管理;基於產品的計劃;品質審查
    - 第二部分:揭示PRINCE2 項目授權;任命執行人;任命項目經理;設計項目管理團隊;決策;撰寫項目簡介;撰寫驗收標準;配置管理;商業案例;項目問題;品質;風險;設定容忍度;完善商業案例和風險;計劃;撰寫產品描述;創建工作包;評估進度;突出報告;接手另一個項目經理;項目結束報告;後續行動建議;經驗教訓報告;項目後評審計劃
    - 第三部分:管理小型項目 如何管理真正小型的項目;可擴展的小型項目;矩陣方法;縮小的項目生命週期;逐步精煉;在GCHQ管理項目
    - 第四部分:總結