High-Technology Crime Investigators Handbook, 2/e: Establishing and Managing a High-Technology Crime Prevention Program

Gerald L. Kovacich CFE CPP CISSP, William C. Boni CISA MBA

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  • 出版日期: 2006-07-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 470
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  • ISBN: 0750679298
  • ISBN-13: 9780750679299
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The high-technology crime investigator's profession is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today, as information security issues and crimes related to them are growing in number and magnitude at an ever-increasing pace. High-Technology Crime Investigator's Handbook, Second Edition, informs professionals of the potential risks of computer crimes, and serves as a guide to establishing and managing a high-technology crime investigative program. Each chapter is updated with the latest information and guidance, including added coverage of computer forensics and additional metrics to measure organizational performance. In addition, nine new chapters cover emerging trends in the field, and offer invaluable guidance on becoming a successful high-technology crime investigator.


Table of Contents

SECTION I – Introduction to the High Technology Crimes Environment – Chapter 1. What Investigators Should Know About the High Technology Supported Global Threats – Chapter 2. The High Technology Crimes? Miscreants, Profiles, Motives and Philosophies. – Chapter 3. The Basic Techniques Used by High Technology Crimes? Miscreants – Chapter 4. The Basic Information Systems Security Techniques Being Used to Defend Against the High Technology Crimes? Miscreants SECTION II – High-Technology Incidents and Crime Investigations – Chapter 5. Investigating High Technology Crimes – Chapter 6. Responding to High-Technology Incidents and Crimes – Chapter 7. The Collection of Evidence – Chapter 8. Interviews and Interrogations – Chapter 9. An Introduction to Computer Forensics – Chapter 10. Establishing and Managing a Computer Forensics Laboratory – Chapter 11. High Technology Crimes: Case Summaries SECTION III – Overview of the High Technology Crimes Investigations Profession and Unit – Chapter 12. The Global Enterprise Corporation (GEC) Model – Chapter 13. Understanding the Role of the High Technology Crimes Investigator and an Anti-Crimes Unit in the Business and Management Environment – Chapter 14. The High Technology Crimes Investigations Unit Strategic, Tactical, and Annual Plans – Chapter 15. High Technology Anti-Crimes Investigations Program and Organization – Chapter 16. High Technology Crimes Investigations Functions – Chapter 17. Sources, Networking and Liaison – Chapter 18. High Technology Crime Investigations Unit Metrics Management System – Chapter 19. Outsourcing High-Technology Investigations – Pros and Cons SECTION IV - High Technology Crime Investigation Challenges of the 21st Century – Chapter 20. The Future of High Technology and Its Impact on Working in a Global Information Environment – Chapter 21. The Future of High Technology Crimes, Security and the Criminal Justice Systems – Chapter 22. Terrorism – Crime or War? Its Impact on the High Technology Incidents and Crimes? Investigations – Chapter 23. The Future of the High Technology Crimes Investigator Profession – Chapter 24. Developing a Career as a High Technology Crimes Investigator – Chapter 25. Marketing Yourself as a Successful High Technology Crimes Investigator – Chapter 26. Becoming a High Technology Consultant – Chapter 27. Conclusions and Final Thoughts






第一部分 - 高科技犯罪環境介紹 - 第1章. 調查人員應該了解的高科技支持的全球威脅 - 第2章. 高科技犯罪者、概況、動機和理念 - 第3章. 高科技犯罪者使用的基本技術 - 第4章. 用於防禦高科技犯罪者的基本信息系統安全技術 第二部分 - 高科技事件和犯罪調查 - 第5章. 調查高科技犯罪 - 第6章. 應對高科技事件和犯罪 - 第7章. 證據收集 - 第8章. 訪談和審問 - 第9章. 計算機取證簡介 - 第10章. 建立和管理計算機取證實驗室 - 第11章. 高科技犯罪案例摘要 第三部分 - 高科技犯罪調查專業和單位概述 - 第12章. 全球企業公司(GEC)模型 - 第13章. 了解高科技犯罪調查人員和反犯罪單位在商業和管理環境中的角色 - 第14章. 高科技犯罪調查單位的戰略、戰術和年度計劃 - 第15章. 高科技反犯罪調查計劃和組織 - 第16章. 高科技犯罪調查職能 - 第17章. 資源、網絡和聯繫 - 第18章. 高科技犯罪調查單位指標管理系統 - 第19章. 外包高科技調查 - 優點和缺點 第四部分 - 21世紀高科技犯罪調查挑戰 - 第20章. 高科技的未來及其對全球信息環境中的工作的影響 - 第21章. 高科技犯罪、安全和刑事司法體系的未來 - 第22章. 恐怖主義 - 犯罪還是戰爭?對高科技事件和犯罪調查的影響 - 第23章. 高科技犯罪調查人員職業的未來 - 第24章. 成為一名高科技犯罪調查人員的職業生涯 - 第25章. 將自己作為成功的高科技犯罪調查人員推廣 - 第26章. 成為高科技顧問 - 第27章. 結論和最終思考