Software Development for Embedded Multi-core Systems: A Practical Guide Using Embedded Intel Architecture

Max Domeika

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  • 出版日期: 2008-04-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 440
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  • ISBN: 0750685395
  • ISBN-13: 9780750685399
  • 相關分類: 嵌入式系統
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The multicore revolution has reached the deployment stage in embedded systems ranging from small ultramobile devices to large telecommunication servers. The transition from single to multicore processors, motivated by the need to increase performance while conserving power, has placed great responsibility on the shoulders of software engineers. In this new embedded multicore era, the toughest task is the development of code to support more sophisticated systems. This book provides embedded engineers with solid grounding in the skills required to develop software targeting multicore processors. Within the text, the author undertakes an in-depth exploration of performance analysis, and a close-up look at the tools of the trade. Both general multicore design principles and processor-specific optimization techniques are revealed. Detailed coverage of critical issues for multicore employment within embedded systems is provided, including the Threading Development Cycle, with discussions of analysis, design, development, debugging, and performance tuning of threaded applications. Software development techniques engendering optimal mobility and energy efficiency are highlighted through multiple case studies, which provide practical "how-to" advice on implementing the latest multicore processors. Finally, future trends are discussed, including terascale, speculative multithreading, transactional memory, interconnects, and the software-specific implications of these looming architectural developments.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Basic System and Processor Architecture
Chapter 3 - Multi-core Processors & Embedded
Chapter 4 -Moving To Multi-core Intel Architecture
Chapter 5 - Scalar Optimization & Usability
Chapter 6 - Parallel Optimization Using Threads
Chapter 7 - Case Study: Data Decomposition
Chapter 8 - Case Study: Functional Decomposition
Chapter 9 - Virtualization & Partitioning
Chapter 10 - Getting Ready For Low Power Intel Architecture
Chapter 11 - Summary, Trends, and Conclusions
Appendix I

* Get up to speed on multicore design! This is the only book to explain software optimization for embedded multicore systems
* Helpful tips, tricks and design secrets from an Intel programming expert, with detailed examples using the popular X86 architecture
* Covers hot topics including ultramobile devices, low-power designs, Pthreads vs. OpenMP, and heterogeneous cores



第1章 - 引言
第2章 - 基本系統和處理器架構
第3章 - 多核處理器和嵌入式系統
第4章 - 遷移到多核Intel架構
第5章 - 标量優化和可用性
第6章 - 使用線程進行並行優化
第7章 - 案例研究:數據分解
第8章 - 案例研究:功能分解
第9章 - 虛擬化和分割
第10章 - 為低功耗Intel架構做好準備
第11章 - 總結、趨勢和結論

* 快速掌握多核設計!這是唯一一本解釋嵌入式多核系統軟體優化的書籍
* 來自Intel編程專家的實用技巧、訣竅和設計秘訣,並使用流行的X86架構進行詳細示例
* 涵蓋熱門話題,包括超移動設備、低功耗設計、Pthreads vs. OpenMP和異構核心