Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design (Paperback)

Robert C. Martin



Practical Software Architecture Solutions from the Legendary Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”)


By applying universal rules of software architecture, you can dramatically improve developer productivity throughout the life of any software system. Now, building upon the success of his best-selling books Clean Code and The Clean Coder, legendary software craftsman Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”) reveals those rules and helps you apply them.


Martin’s Clean Architecture doesn’t merely present options. Drawing on over a half-century of experience in software environments of every imaginable type, Martin tells you what choices to make and why they are critical to your success. As you’ve come to expect from Uncle Bob, this book is packed with direct, no-nonsense solutions for the real challenges you’ll face—the ones that will make or break your projects.

  • Learn what software architects need to achieve—and core disciplines and practices for achieving it
  • Master essential software design principles for addressing function, component separation, and data management
  • See how programming paradigms impose discipline by restricting what developers can do
  • Understand what’s critically important and what’s merely a “detail”
  • Implement optimal, high-level structures for web, database, thick-client, console, and embedded applications
  • Define appropriate boundaries and layers, and organize components and services
  • See why designs and architectures go wrong, and how to prevent (or fix) these failures

Clean Architecture is essential reading for every current or aspiring software architect, systems analyst, system designer, and software manager—and for every programmer who must execute someone else’s designs.




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「傳奇人物羅伯特·C·馬丁(「Uncle Bob」)的實用軟體架構解決方案」

透過應用通用的軟體架構規則,您可以大幅提升開發人員在任何軟體系統的整個生命週期中的生產力。現在,在他的暢銷書《乾淨代碼》和《乾淨工程師》的成功基礎上,傳奇軟體工匠羅伯特·C·馬丁(「Uncle Bob」)揭示了這些規則並幫助您應用它們。

馬丁的《乾淨架構》不僅僅是提供選項。借助於他在各種軟體環境中超過半個世紀的經驗,馬丁告訴您應該做出什麼選擇以及為什麼這些選擇對您的成功至關重要。正如您對Uncle Bob所期望的那樣,這本書充滿了直接、直截了當的解決方案,用於應對您將面臨的真正挑戰,這些挑戰將決定您的項目成敗。

- 學習軟體架構師需要實現的目標,以及實現這些目標的核心學科和實踐方法
- 掌握解決功能、組件分離和數據管理的基本軟體設計原則
- 看看編程範式通過限制開發人員的操作來實施紀律
- 理解什麼是至關重要的,什麼只是「細節」
- 為網絡、數據庫、厚客戶端、控制台和嵌入式應用程序實現最佳的高層結構
- 定義適當的邊界和層次,組織組件和服務
- 看看設計和架構出現問題的原因,以及如何預防(或修復)這些失敗