Web Design Complete Course

Joyce J. Evans

  • 出版商: Hungry Minds
  • 出版日期: 2003-09-12
  • 定價: $1,400
  • 售價: 5.0$700
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 400
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0764537520
  • ISBN-13: 9780764537523
  • 相關分類: 網頁設計
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  • Shows how to use four Web power tools- Fireworks, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion and Flash-together in one book
  • Offers a full-color tutorial that walks the reader start to finish through the process of building a media-rich, e-commerce Web site
  • After completing this book, readers will have a polished, fully functional e-commerce site adaptable to their own needs
  • CD-ROM contains all the files and materials needed for the project


Table of Contents:


Confidence Builder.

Making the Banner Shape in Fireworks.

Placing an Image Inside a Custom Shape.

Exporting the Banner Images.

Setting Up the Home Page in Dreamweaver.

Adding the Banner Images to the First Table.

Adding the Navigation Bar.

Adding the Table for the Body Content.

Aligning the Small Images and Adding Flash Text.

Part I: Course Setup.

Chapter 1: Web Design Basics.

Chapter 2: Project Overview.

Part II: Building the Site Imagery Using Fireworks MX.

Session 1: Bringing Image Assets into Fireworks.

Getting Around in Fireworks.

Obtaining Images from a Scanner.

Obtaining Images from a Digital Camera.

Importing Images from Other Applications.

Session Review.

Session 2: Designing Image Compositions.

Preparing the Composition Background.

Blending the First Image into the Background.

Using Layer Blending Modes to Blend an Image.

Finishing the Composition.

Session Review.

Session 3: Building the Site’s Vector Images.

Saving and Loading a Custom Color Palette in Fireworks.

Making the Site’s Main Layout.

Drawing the Home Icon.

Building the Photo and Motion Icons.

Finishing the Fonts and Lightbox Icons.

Drawing the Sidebar Icons.

Adding the Icons to the Background Layout.

Adding the Logo Text.

Drawing the Custom Shape for the Details Page.

Session Review.

Session 4: Building the Site’s Bitmap Images.

Removing the Background from an Image.

Cropping a Selection.

Adding a Border to a Bitmap Image.

Placing Text on a Path.

Making a Command.

Performing a Batch Process.

Fading an Image into the Background.

Session Review.

Session 5: Fireworks Animation.

Part III: Finalizing the Images for Export.

Session 6: Preparing the Mockups.

Finishing the Home Page Layout.

Preparing the Details Page Mockup.

Session Review.

Session 7: Optimizing and Exporting Images for Use in Dreamweaver Layouts.

Slicing the Home Page Layout.

Optimizing the Sliced Images.

Exporting the Navigation Images.

Exporting the Submenus.

Exporting the Rest of the Home Page.

Exporting the Animated Logo.

Exporting the HTML and Images Directly.

Session Review.

Part IV: Laying Out the Site Using Dreamweaver MX.

Session 8: Setting Up the Site in Dreamweaver.

Setting Up and Viewing the Workspace.

Customizing Your Workspace.

Setting Accessibility Preferences.

Setting Browser Preferences.

Defining the Local Root Folder.

Managing Files and Folders with the Site Panel (Window).

Choosing a Design View.

Session Review.

Session 9: HTML Page Structure.

Building a Relative Table for the Legal Page.

Adding Images to the Legal Page.

Setting Table Cell Properties.

Adding Placeholder Text.

Building the Home Page.

Adding Navigational Icons to the Home Page.

Moving Between Columns.

Adding the Main Content.

Adding the Sidebar Content.

Adding Content Outside the Table.

Building Links.

Building a Hybrid Table for the Details Page.

Nesting Tables.

Adding Background Images and Table Corners.

Using a Placeholder Image.

Inserting Fireworks HTML and Images.

Session Review.

Session 10: Behaviors, Snippets, and Client-Side Scripting.

Swapping Images for Rollover Buttons.

Opening a Pop-Up Browser Window.

Closing a Pop-Up Window with JavaScript.

Building Snippets.

Using Custom JavaScript to Add a Dynamic Date.

Installing Extensions.

Session Review.

Session 11: Using Cascading Style Sheets.

Creating a Practice Style.

Redefining HTML Tags.

Creating Custom Classes.

Using Contextual Selectors.

Building Link Styles.

Building Contextual Link Styles.

Inserting a Snippet and Testing the Page.

Using a Block Display for Images.

Adding CSS to the Details Page.

Creating Backgrounds Using CSS.

Formatting the Text of the Details Page.

Session Review.

Session 12: Building the Site’s Snap Menus.

Building the Menu Layers.

Duplicating and Positioning the Menu Layers.

Scripting Snap Menus with PVII Behaviors.

Commenting Your DHTML Code.

Scripting the onClick State of the Snap Menu’s Buttons.

Session Review.

Session 13: Automating with Library Items and Templates.

Building a Library Item.

Saving the Design as a Template.

Adding a Table.

Building Pages from Your Template.

Adding an Optional Editable Region.

Session Review.

Part V: Building a Web Application in Dreamweaver.

Session 14: Building Dynamic Web Pages.

Defining a Local Web and Testing Server.

Defining a Remote Web and Testing Server.

Transferring Files to the Web Server.

Specifying the RDS Login for ColdFusion Server (Windows Only).

Adding a ColdFusion Datasource (Locally-Windows Only).

Adding a DSN on the Remote Web Server.

Session Review.

Session 15: Displaying Dynamic Data.

Building a Recordset.

Displaying Dynamic Text.

Inserting a Dynamic Image.

Adding a Dynamic Link to Open a Details Page.

Using URL Parameters to Pass AssetID to the Details Page.

Using the Repeat Region Server Behavior.

Passing the Keyword via a Form Post.

Using the Show Region Server Behavior.

Session Review.

Session 16: Adding a Shopping Cart.

Getting a PayPal Account.

Installing the WebAssist Extension.

Preparing the Orange Table for the Cart Buttons.

Adding the Cart Buttons.

Passing Dynamic Data to the Cart.

Session Review.

Session 17: Before You Publish.

Adding Meta Information.

Testing Your Site Locally.

Running a Site Report for Links.

Synchronizing the Local and Root Folders.

Session Review.

Appendix A: What’s on the CD-ROM.

Appendix B: Web Design Do’s and Don’ts.

Appendix C: Installing PWS, IIS, and ColdFusion MX Developer.

Appendix D: Resources.