PHP5 and MySQL Bible

Tim Converse, Joyce Park, Clark Morgan

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  • 出版日期: 2004-05-07
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 This comprehensive tutorial and reference covers all the basics of PHP 5, a popular open source Web scripting language, and MySQL 4.012, the most popular open source database engine
* Explores why users need PHP and MySQL, how to get started, how to add PHP to HTML, and how to connect HTML Web pages to MySQL
* Offers an extensive tutorial for developing applications with PHP and MySQL
* Includes coverage of how to install, administer, and design MySQL databases independently of PHP; exception and error handling; debugging techniques; PostgreSQL database system; and PEAR database functions
* The authors provide unique case studies of how and where to use PHP drawn from their own extensive Web experience

Table of Contents:



Part I: PHP: The Basics.

Chapter 1: Why PHP and MySQL?

Chapter 2: Server-Side Web Scripting.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with PHP.

Chapter 4: Adding PHP to HTML.

Chapter 5: Syntax and Variables.

Chapter 6: Control and Functions.

Chapter 7: Passing Information between Pages.

Chapter 8: Strings.

Chapter 9: Arrays and Array Functions.

Chapter 10: Numbers.

Chapter 11: Basic PHP Gotchas.

Part II: PHP and MySQL.

Chapter 12: Choosing a Database for PHP.

Chapter 13: SQL Tutorial.

Chapter 14: MySQL Database Administration.

Chapter 15: PHP/MySQL Functions.

Chapter 16: Displaying Queries in Tables.

Chapter 17: Building Forms from Queries.

Chapter 18: PHP/MySQL Efficiency.

Chapter 19: PHP/MySQL Gotchas.

Part III: Advanced Features and Techniques.

Chapter 20: Object-Oriented Programming with PHP.

Chapter 21: Advanced Array Functions.

Chapter 22: String and Regular Expression Functions.

Chapter 23: Filesystem and System Functions.

Chapter 24: Sessions, Cookies, and HTTP.

Chapter 25: Types and Type Conversions.

Chapter 26: Advanced Use of Functions.

Chapter 27: Mathematics.

Chapter 28: PEAR.

Chapter 29: Security.

Chapter 30: Configuration.

Chapter 31: Exceptions and Error Handling.

Chapter 32: Debugging.

Chapter 33: Style.

Part IV: Connections.

Chapter 34: PostgreSQL.

Chapter 35: Oracle.

Chapter 36: PEAR Database Functions.

Chapter 37: E-mail.

Chapter 38: PHP and JavaScript.

Chapter 39: PHP and Java.

Chapter 40: PHP and XML.

Chapter 41: Web Services.

Chapter 42: Graphics.

Part V: Case Studies.

Chapter 43: Weblogs.

Chapter 44: User Authentication.

Chapter 45: A User-Rating System.

Chapter 46: A Trivia Game.

Chapter 47: Converting Static HTML Sites.

Chapter 48: Data Visualization with Venn Diagrams.

Appendix A: PHP for C Programmers.

Appendix B: PHP for Perl Hackers.

Appendix C: PHP for HTML Coders.

Appendix D: PHP Resources.