Web Standards Programmer's Reference: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and PHP

Steven M. Schafer




  • This invaluable resource offers tutorials and real-world examples as well as thorough language references for Web markup languages (HTML/XHTML and CSS), and popular scripting languages (JavaScript, Perl, and PHP)
  • Examines the role of JavaScript, CGI (with examples in Perl and Python), and PHP on the Web and shows how to best use them all
  • Includes a valuable reference section on each technology that can be used for review and consultation


Table of Contents:


Part One: HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

Chapter 1: The Basics of HTML.

Chapter 2: Document Tags.

Chapter 3: Paragraphs and Lines.

Chapter 4: Lists.

Chapter 5: Images.

Chapter 6: Links.

Chapter 7: Text.

Chapter 8: Tables.

Chapter 9: Forms.

Chapter 10: Objects and Plugins.

Chapter 11: XML.

Part Two: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Chapter 12: CSS Basics.

Chapter 13: Style Definitions.

Chapter 14: Text.

Chapter 15: Padding, Margins, and Borders.

Chapter 16: Colors and Backgrounds.

Chapter 17: Tables.

Chapter 18: Element Positioning.

Part Three: JavaScript and DHTML.

Chapter 19: JavaScript Basics.

Chapter 20: The JavaScript Language.

Chapter 21: The Document Object Model.

Chapter 22: JavaScript Objects and Dynamic HTML.

Chapter 23: Using JavaScript.

Part Four: Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Chapter 24: CGI Basics.

Chapter 25: Perl Language.

Chapter 26: The Python Language.

Chapter 27: Scripting with Other Executable Code.

Chapter 28: Using CGI.

Part Five: PHP.

Chapter 29: PHP Basics.

Chapter 30: The PHP Language.

Chapter 31: Using PHP.

Part Six: Appendixes.

Appendix A: XHTML Reference.

Appendix B: CSS Properties.

Appendix C: JavaScript Language Reference.

Appendix D: Perl Language Reference.

Appendix E: Python Language Reference.

Appendix F: PHP Language Reference.