PowerPoint 2003: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks, 2/e

Nancy Buchanan

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  • 出版日期: 2005-06-24
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* Teaches readers who already know how to use PowerPoint 100 cool and surprising techniques to make them even more productive
* Provides a visual reference showing how to captivate an audience with PowerPoint bells and whistles
* Full-color screen shots and step-by-step instructions, together with a completely revamped interior, make visual learning quick and easy


Table of Contents:

1. Customize PowerPoint Options to Suit Your Needs.

Change the Default View of Your Presentation.

Add a Shortcut to the My Places Bar.

Customize Menu Options.

Create a New Menu.

Change the Toolbars on Display.

Turn On and Off the Office Clipboard.

2. Give Your Presentation the Look You Want.

Set Visual Clarity Rules to Define Your Formatting Rules by.

Change Layouts When You Create Your Own Masters.

Add a Watermark to Your Slides.

Place Slide Numbers on All Slides.

Change the Fonts in Your Presentation.

Emphasize Slide Titles by Changing Their Case.

Create Unique Points from Your Own Custom Graphics.

Change the Layout of an Existing Slide.

Add Emphasis by Inserting a Custom Background Image.

Display Content in Different Languages.

3. Add Impact with Graphics.

Add Interest with Digital Camera Pictures.

Scan Documents to Convert into Digital Images.

Emphasize Images with Borders.

Crop Images to Attract Attention.

Compress Graphics to Make Presentations Load Faster.

Display Pictures in a Photo Album.

Blend Graphics into the Background.

Add Text to Your AutoShapes.

Use 3-D Effects to Make Graphics Stand Out.

4. Timesaving Tools.

Paste Slides from One Presentation to Another.

Use AutoCorrect to Save Typing Time.

Copy Effects from One Image to Another.

Search the Internet from within PowerPoint.

Look Up Words in the Dictionary.

Translate Words from within PowerPoint.

Turn Your Presentation into a Design Template.

Record a Macro to Automate Repetitive Tasks.

Run a Macro to Automate Your Functions.

Edit a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor.

5. Sizzle to Your Presentation with Effects.

Highlight Graphics When You Use Custom Shadows.

Create a Link to Go Elsewhere in the Presentation.

Open a Document with the Click of a Button.

Add Motion to Illustrate Your Content.

Make an Entrance with Custom Animations.

Orchestrate an Exit with Custom Animations.

Choreograph Effects to Make a Multimedia Presentation.

Give Your Presentation a Professional Look with Transition Effects.

Add Interest with Animation Schemes.

6. municate with Audio and Video.

Add a Button to Play Your Video Clip.

Embed Video to Turn Your Slide into a Movie.

Add Sound from a File.

Play On and On with Looped Audio.

Boost Your Presentation with Audio from a CD.

Insert an Audio Button in Your Slide.

Hover Your Mouse to Play a Sound.

Record Narrations for Your Slides.

Create a Narrated Slide Show.

Produce a Professional Presentation When You Synchronize Effects.

7. Enhance Your Presentations with Custom Content.

Link to the Web from Your Presentations.

Add a Link to an E-mail Address.

Explain It Better with Equations.

Type Specialized Characters and Symbols.

Add an Excel Spreadsheet to Leverage Data.

Add an Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate Data.

Tell Your Story with Illustrated Charts.

Make a Point When You Connect Graphics.

Show Relationships with Organizational Charts.

Get Your Presentation Noticed with Ink Annotations.

8. Expand Your Audience by Publishing to the Web.

Preview Your Presentation as a Web Page.

Turn Your Presentation into an Online Resource.

Publish Your Presentation Directly to a Web Site.

Specify the Default Fonts for Web-Based Presentations.

Customize Colors in Web-Based Presentations.

Change the Title for a Web-Based Presentation.

Make Images Accessible When You Set Alternative Text.

Change the Target Screen Resolution for Web-Based Presentations.

Optimize Your Presentation for a Specific Browser.

Link Your Presentation to Another Web Page.

9. Collaborate with Others.

Safeguard Your Presentation with a Password.

Control Presentation Use with Information Rights Management.

Enlist the Help of Others with Send for Review.

Use Track Changes to Identify Revisions.

Use Comments to Add Notes.

Consolidate Feedback from Others.

Send Your Presentation as an E-mail Attachment.

Work Together with Send as Shared Attachment.

Open a Shared Document from an E-mail Message.

Collaborate on Presentations with a Document Workspace.

Add Related Documents to a Document Workspace.

Change Team Members in a Document Workspace.

Track Your Presentation History.

Stay Current When You Subscribe to Alerts.

Add Related Links to a Document Workspace.

10. Deliver and Distribute Your Presentation Effectively

Create a Custom Show Instead of a New Presentation.

Display Hidden Slides during a Presentation.

Practice Your Presentation with Rehearse Timings.

Repeat Your Presentation with Continuous Loops.

Add Comments during Your Presentations.

Deliver Your Presentation in an Online Meeting.

Create a Kiosk Presentation That Runs Unattended.

Broadcast Your Presentation across a Network.

Record Your Broadcast to Replay Later.

Play Your Presentation in PowerPoint Viewer.

Burn a Presentation CD for a Wider Distribution.