Claude E. Shannon: Collected Papers

Claude Elwood Shannon, A. D. Wyner, Neil J. A. Sloane

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Claude Elwood Shannon: Collected Papers
This collection contains all of Claude Elwood Shannon’s published works, as well as many that have never before been published. The published papers include his classic papers on information theory and switching theory. Among the unpublished works are his once-secret war-time reports, his Ph.D. thesis on population genetics, unpublished Bell Labs memoranda, and a paper on the theory of juggling. Also of Interest… Multiple Access Communications Foundations for Emerging Technologies Edited by Norman Abramson, University of Hawaii The first book to explain the connection between spread spectrum and ALOHA channels in a coherent fashion. Multiple Access Communications provides a collection of key developments in the theory and practice of multiple user communication channels. Of particular interest to engineers working with packet radio networks, local networks, personal communication networks, and very small aperture terminal satellite networks, this book offers authoritative information on the theory of multiple access which is involved in techniques including: spread spectrum, ALOHA, and spread ALOHA.
1993 Hardcover; 528 pp; IEEE Order No. PC0287-3; ISBN 0-87942-292-0

Contemporary Cryptology: The Science of Information Integrity Edited by Gustavus J. Simmons, Sandia National Laboratories
Written by those at the very forefront of the field, Contemporary Cryptology offers all aspects of the science of information integrity — from the simplest concepts to the latest research. It provides a practical guide to the algorithms, protocols, applications, and essential literature on information integrity for engineers and scientists in need of a coherent view of the most recent developments.
1992; Hardcover; 656 pp; IEEE Order No. PC0271-7; ISBN 0-87942-277-7

Key Papers in the Development of Coding Theory Edited by E. R. Berlekamp, Cyclotomics Composed of key papers in the field, this book delivers concrete information from foremost experts on the beginnings of coding theory straight through important developments which have led this technology to its thriving state. This indispensable reference tool offers a variety of significant applications of coding theory in deep space communication systems including: military communication systems, data communication systems, information retrieval systems, and large secondary memories for computer systems.
1974; Hardcover; 296 pp; IEEE Order No. PC0032-3; ISBN 0-87942-031-6

Key Papers in the Development of Information Theory Edited by David Slepian Together with its companion, Key Papers in the Development of Coding Theory, this volume provides the reader with a detailed reference guide to the many developments that followed C. E. Shannon’s profound observations on communication systems. Written by those at the forefront of the field, Key Papers in the Development of Information Theory guides the reader through a chronological discussion of 25 years of active research in the classical source and channel, rate distortion theory, and many terminal channels.
1974; Hardcover; 472 pp; IEEE Order No. PC0029-9; ISBN 0-87942-027-8


Table of Contents:


Biography of Claude Elwood Shannon.

Profile of Claude Shannon — Interview by Anthony Liversidge.

Bibliography of Claude Elwood Shannon.


Preface to Part A.


A Mathematical Theory of Communication.

Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems.

Analogue of the Vernam System for Continuous Time Series.

The Best Detection of Pulses.

(With B.M. Oliver and J.R. Pierce) The Philosophy of PCM.

Communication in the Presence of Noise.

Communication Theory — Exposition of Fundamentals.

General Treatment of the Problem of Coding.

The Lattice Theory of Information.

Discussion of Preceding Three Papers.

Recent Developments in Communication Theory.

Prediction and Entropy of Printed English.

Efficient Coding of a Binary Source With One Very Infrequent Symbol.

Information Theory.

The Zero Error Capacity of a Noisy Channel.

Certain Results in Coding Theory for Noisy Channels.

Some Geometrical Results in Channel Capacity.

A Note on a Partial Ordering for Communication Channels.

Channels With Side Information at the Transmitter.

Probability of Error for Optimal Codes in a Gaussian Channel.

Coding Theorems for a Discrete Source With a Fidelity Criterion.

Two-Way Communication Channels.

(With R.G. Gallager and E.R. Berlekamp) Lower Bounds to Error Probability for Coding on Discrete Memoryless Channels I.

(With R.G. Gallager and E.R. Berlekamp) Lower Bounds to Error Probability for Coding on Discrete Memoryless Channels II.

Letter to Vannevar Bush.

(With B.M. Oliver) Circuits for a P.C.M. Transmitter and Receiver.

Some Topics on Information Theory.

Concavity of Transmission Rate as a Function of Input Probabilities.

The Rate of Approach to Ideal Coding.

The Bandwagon.

Notes to Part A.


Preface to Part B.


A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits.

Mathematical Theory of the Differential Analyzer.

The Theory and Design of Linear Differential Equation Machines.

(With John Riordan) The Number of Two-Terminal Switching Series-Parallel Networks.

Network Rings.

A Theorem on Coloring the Lines of a Network.

The Synthesis of Two-Terminal Switching Circuits.

(With H.W. Bode) A Simplified Derivation of Linear Least Square Smoothing and Prediction Theory.

Programming a Computer for Playing Chess.

A Chess-Playing Machine.

Memory Requirements in a Telephone Exchange.

A Symmetrical Notation for Numbers.

A Method of Power or Signal Transmission to a Moving Vehicle.

Presentation of a Maze Solving Machine.

A Mind-Reading (?) Machine.

The Potentialities of Computers.

Throbac I.

(With E. F. Moore) Machine Aid for Switching Circuit Design.

Computers and Automata.

Realization of all 16 Switching Functions of Two Variables Requires 18 Contacts.

(With D.W. Hagelbarger) A Relay Laboratory Outfit for Colleges.

(Edited Jointly with John McCarthy) Automata Studies (Preface, etc.).

A Universal Turing Machine With Two Internal States.

(With Karel de Leeuw, Edward F. Moore and N. Shapiro) Computability by Probabilistic Machines.

Some Results on Ideal Rectifier Circuits.

The Simultaneous Synthesis of S Switching Functions of N Variables.

(With D. W. Hagelbarger) Concavity of Resistance Functions.

Game Playing Machines.

(With Peter Elias and Amiel Feinstein) A Note on the Maximum Flow Through a Network.

(With Edward F. Moore) Reliable Circuits Using Less Reliable Relays I.

(With Edward F. Moore) Reliable Circuits Using Less Reliable Relays II.

Von Neumann's Contributions to Automata Theory.

Computers and Automation—Progress and Promise in the Twentieth Century.

Claude Shannon's No-Drop Juggling Diorama.

Scientific Aspects of Juggling.

Abstracts, Etc.

The Use of the Lakatos-Hickman Relay in a Subscriber Sender.

A Study of the Deflection Mechanism and Some Results on Rate Finders.

Backlash in Overdamped Systems.

Some Experimental Results on the Deflection Mechanism.

(With C.L. Dolph) The Transient Behavior of a Large Number of Four-Terminal Unilateral Linear Networks Connected in Tandem.

Review of Transformations on Lattices and Structures of Logic by Stephen A. Kiss.

Review of Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine by Norbert Wiener.

Review of Description of a Relay Calculator, by the staff of the [Harvard] Computation Laboratory.

(With E.F. Moore) The Relay Circuit Analyzer.

(With E.F. Moore) The Relay Circuit Synthesizer.

Notes to Part B.


Preface to Part C.

Doctoral Dissertation

An Algebra for Theoretical Genetics.

Notes to Part C.