Information Theory: 50 Years Of Discovery W/cd-rom Of Indexes For Ieee Info Theory Transactions Since 1953 (a Selected Reprint Volume)


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Electrical Engineering Information Theory 50 Years of Discovery In 1948 Claude Shannon published "The Mathematical Theory of Communication," the paper that single-handedly started the field of information theory and laid the foundation for virtually all aspects of modern-day communications. Now, Information Theory celebrates the discovery of this dynamic field with a major collection of 25 tutorial articles spanning the last 50 years. With over 3,000 references, this book is an ideal resource for industry researchers, practicing engineers, and graduate students in communications, signal processing, and computing. Written by leaders in the field, these articles provide insightful introductions and useful summaries bridging 50 years of work on the theory and practice of:

  • Data compression
  • Error correction
  • Modulation and coding
  • Detection and estimation
  • Shannon theory
  • Signal Processing

Information Theory also includes a CD-ROM that contains the author, subject, and transaction indexes of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Digital Library. This CD-ROM includes a complete listing of, and hyperlinks to, all papers from IEEE Transactions on Information Theory since its inception in 1953.


Table of Contents:

Preface (S. McLaughlin).

Guest Editorial (S. Verdú).


On the Role of Pattern Matching in Information Theory (A. Wyner, et al.).

Fifty Years of Shannon Theory (S. Verdú).

The Interactions Between Ergodic Theory and Information Theory (P. Shields).

Information-Theoretic Image Formation (J. O'Sullivan, et al.).

Universal Prediction (N. Merhav & M. Feder).

Reliable Communication Under Channel Uncertainty (A. Lapidoth & P. Narayan).

Learning Pattern Classification—A Survey (S. Kulkarni, et al.).

Zero-Error Information Theory (J. Körner & A. Orlitsky).

Detection of Stochastic Processes (T. Kailath & H. Poor).

Codes for Digital Recorders (K. Immink, et al.).

Statistical Inference Under Multiterminal Data Compression (T. Han & S. Amari).

Quantization (R. Gray & D. Neuhoff).

Modulation and Coding for Linear Gaussian Channels (G. Forney & G. Ungerboeck).

Information Theory and Communication Networks: An Unconsummated Union (A. Ephremides & B. Hajek).

Data Compression and Harmonic Analysis (D. Donoho, et al.).

Association Schemes and Coding Theory (P. Delsarte & V. Levenshtein).

The Method of Types (I. Csiszár).

Comments on Broadcast Channels (T. Cover).

Applications of Error-Control Coding (D. Costello, et al.).

The Art of Signaling: Firty Years of Coding Theory (A. Calderbank).

Algebraic-Geometry Codes (I. Blake, et al.).

Fading Channels: Information-Theoretic and Communications Aspects (E. Biglieri, et al).

Lossy Source Coding (T. Berger & J. Gibson).

Quantum Information Theory (C. Bennett & P. Shor).

The Minimum Description Length Principle in Coding and Modeling (A. Barron, et al.).

Author Index.

Subject Index.