Performance Evaluation And High-speed Switching Fabrics And Networks Atm, Broadband Isdn, And Man Technology (a Selected Reprint Volume)


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Performance Evaluation of High Speed Switching Fabrics and Networks ATM, Broadband ISDN, and MAN Technology A handy source for practicing engineers and researchers, this book offers collected examples of successful performance evaluations of high speed telecommunication switching fabrics such as ATM networks and high speed interconnection technology for computers. It emphasizes the performance evaluation of such switches as they apply to predicting a proposed system’s performance through the use of statistical models—a cost-saving way for communications engineers to test the design of a system without having to construct it. Key topics include:

  • the design of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) switching systems and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) distributed switching systems
  • the complete coverage of all major architectures proposed to date
  • real-world problems in the design of such next-generation packet switching systems as: nonuniform traffic, hot spots, packet trains, correlated traffic, and buffer sizing

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Table of Contents:



A Survey of Modern High-Performance Switching Techniques (H. Ahmadi & W. Denzel).


Analysis and Simulation of Buffered Delta Networks (D. Dias & J. Jump).

Performance of Processor-Memory Interconnections for Multiprocessors (J. Patel).

The Performance of Multistage Interconnection Networks for Multiprocessors (C. Kruskal & M. Snir).

Performance Analysis of a Packet Switch Based on Single-Buffered Banyan Network (Y.-C. Jenq).


Input Versus Output Queueing on a Space-Division Packet Switch (M. Karol, et al.).

A Broadband Packet Switch for Integrated Transport (J. Hui & E. Arthurs).

Nonblocking Networks for Fast Packet Switching (R. Melen & J. Turner).

Multi-Log2 N Networks and Their Applications in High-Speed Electronic and Photonic Switching Systems (C.-T. Lea).

Performance Study of an Input Queueing Packet Switch with Two Priority Classes (J. Chen & R. Guérin).

Effect of Speedup in Nonblocking Packet Switch (Y. Oie, et al. ).

Throughput Analysis, Optimal Buffer Allocation, and Traffic Imbalance Study of a Generic Nonblocking Packet Switch (J. Chen & T. Stern).

Comparison of Buffering Strategies for Asymmetric Packet Switch Modules (S. Liew & K. Lu).

Nonuniform Traffic Analysis on a Nonblocking Space-Division Packet Switch (S.-Q. Li).

Performance Evaluation of a Batcher-Banyan Interconnection Network with Output Pooling (A. Pattavina).

Performance of a Nonblocking Space-Division Packet Switch with Correlated Input Traffic (S.-Q. Li).


Performance Analysis of Multibuffered Packet-Switching Networks in Multiprocessor Systems (H. Yoon, et al. al.).

Performance of Buffered Banyan Networks Under Nonuniform Traffic Patterns (H. Kim & A. Leon-Garcia).

Design and Analysis of Buffered Crossbars and Banyans with Cut-through Switching (T. Szymanski & C. Fang).

Performance Analysis of Buffered Banyan Networks (T. Theimer, et al.).

Priority Performance of Banyan-based Broadband-ISDN Switches (S. Tridandapani & J. Meditch).


The Knockout Switch: A Simple, Modular Architecture for High Performance Packet Switching (Y.-S. Yeh, et al.).

Performance Analysis of a Growable Architecture for Broad-Band Packet (ATM) Switching (M. Karol & C.-L. I).

Performance of Output-Buffered Banyan Networks with Arbitrary Buffer Sizes (H. Kim, et al.).


Nonblocking Copy Networks for Multicast Packet Switching (T. Lee).

Performance of a Broadcast Packet Switch (R. Bebenik & J. Turner).

Performance Analysis of a Multicast Switch (J. Hayes, et al.).

First Stage Multicasting in a Growable Packet (ATM) Switch (D. Marchok & C. Rohrs).

Call Scheduling Algorithms in a Multicast Switch (C.-K. Kim & T. Lee).


The Manhattan Street Network (N. Maxemchuk).

HR4-Net: A Hierarchical Random-Routing Reliable and Reconfigurable Network for Metropolitan Area (F. Borgonovo & E. Cadorin).

Signal Flow Graphs for Path Enumeration and Deflection Routing Analysis in Multihop Networks (E. Ayanoğlu).

Sharp Approximate Models of Deflection Routing in Mesh Networks (A. Greenberg & J. Goodman).

Performance Analysis of Deflection Routing in the Manhattan Street Network (A. Choudhury & V. Li).

Effect of a Finite Reassembly Buffer on the Performance of Deflection Routing (A. Choudhury & N. Maxemchuk).

Nonuniform Traffic in the Manhattan Street Network (J. Brassil & R. Cruz).


Performance of Shuffle-Like Switching Networks with Deflection (A. Krishna & B. Hajek).

Shuffle Interconnection Networks with Deflection Routing for ATM Switching: The Closed-Loop Shuffleout (M. Dècina, et al.).


Multipath Interconnection: A Technique for Reducing Congestion within Fast Packet Switching Fabrics (G. Anido & A. Seeto).

A Self-Routing Multistage Switching Network for Broadband ISDN (H. Kim & A. Leon-Garcia).

Analysis, Control and Design of Crossbar and Banyan Based Broadband Packet Switches for Integrated Traffic (S. Shaikh, et al.).

An Analysis of "Hot-Potato" Routing in a Fiber Optic Packet Switched Hypercube (T. Szymanski).

A Modular Architecture for Very Large Packet Switches (T. Lee).

Stochastic Models for ATM Switching Networks (A. Descloux).

On Nonuniform Packet Switched Delta Networks and the Hot-Spot Effect (P. Harrison).

Performance of Statistical Multiplexers with Finite Number of Inputs and Train Arrivals (Y. Xiong & H. Bruneel).


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