Understanding Facts: Concepts And Technology Of Flexible Ac Transmission Systems

Narain G. Hingorani, Laszlo Gyugyi

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  • 出版日期: 1999-12-24
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Electrical Engineering Understanding FACTS Concepts and Technology of Flexible AC Transmission Systems The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)—a new technology based on power electronics—offers an opportunity to enhance controllability, stability, and power transfer capability of ac transmission systems. Pioneers in FACTS and leading world experts in power electronics applications, Narain G. Hingorani and Laszlo Gyugyi, have teamed together to bring you the definitive book on FACTS technology. Drs. Hingorani and Gyugyi present a practical approach to FACTS that will enable electrical engineers working in the power industry to understand the principles underlying this advanced system. Understanding FACTS will enhance your expertise in equipment specifications and engineering design, and will offer you an informed view of the future of power electronics in ac transmission systems. This comprehensive reference book provides in-depth discussions on:

  • Power semiconductor devices
  • Voltage-sourced and current-sourced converters
  • Specific FACTS Controllers, including SVC, STATCOM, TCSC, SSSC, UPFC, IPFC plus voltage regulators, phase shifters, and special Controllers with a detailed comparison of their performance attributes
  • Major FACTS applications in the U.S.

Understanding FACTS is an authoritative resource that is essential reading for electrical engineers who want to stay on the cusp of the power electronics revolution.



Table of Contents:



FACTS Concept and General System Considerations.

Power Semiconductor Devices.

Voltage-Sourced Converters.

Self- and Line-Commutated Current-Sourced Converters.

Static Shunt Compensators: SVC and STATCOM.

Static Series Compensators: GCSC, TSSC, TCSC, and SSSC.

Static Voltage and Phase Angle Regulators: TCVR and TCPAR.

Combined Compensators: Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) and Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC).

Special Purpose Facts Controllers: NGH-SSR Damping Scheme and Thyristor-Controlled Braking Resistor.

Application Examples.


About the Authors.





靈活交流輸電系統(FACTS)是一種基於功率電子學的新技術,可以提高交流輸電系統的可控性、穩定性和功率傳輸能力。FACTS的先驅者和領先的世界專家Narain G. Hingorani和Laszlo Gyugyi攜手合作,為您帶來關於FACTS技術的權威書籍。Hingorani博士和Gyugyi博士提出了一種實用的FACTS方法,使從事電力行業的電氣工程師能夠理解這一先進系統的原理。了解FACTS將提升您在設備規格和工程設計方面的專業知識,並為您提供對交流輸電系統中功率電子學未來的明確看法。這本全面的參考書詳細討論了以下內容:

- 功率半導體器件
- 電壓源和電流源變換器
- 特定的FACTS控制器,包括靜態無功補償器(SVC)、靜態同步補償器(STATCOM)、靜態串聯補償器(TCSC)、靜態串聯串聯補償器(SSSC)、統一功率流控制器(UPFC)、線間功率流控制器(IPFC)以及電壓調節器、相位移器和具有詳細性能屬性比較的特殊控制器
- FACTS在美國的主要應用


- 前言
- 致謝
- FACTS概念和一般系統考慮因素
- 功率半導體器件
- 電壓源變換器
- 自耦和和線路交流電源變換器
- 靜態並聯補償器:SVC和STATCOM
- 靜態電壓和相位調節器:TCVR和TCPAR
- 綜合補償器:統一功率流控制器(UPFC)和線間功率流控制器(IPFC)
- 特殊用途FACTS控制器:NGH-SSR阻尼方案和可控整流器制動電阻器
- 應用實例
- 索引
- 關於作者