Electromagnetics: History, Theory, And Applications

Robert S. Elliott

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  • 出版日期: 1999-06-08
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0780353846
  • ISBN-13: 9780780353848
  • 相關分類: 電磁學 Electromagnetics
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Electromagnetics History, Theory, and Applications A useful reference for engineers and physicists, the IEEE reprinting of this classic text provides a deep, fundamental understanding of electromagnetics. Each chapter begins with a pertinent historical overview that shows how special relativity can be used to develop a complete electromagnetic theory from Coulomb’s Law, with the needed relativity theory developed in an early chapter. Electromagnetics also contains many applications in the chapters covering electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics, while the final three chapters of the book extend the electromagnetic theory to dielectric, magnetic, and conducting materials. Key features include:

  • The development and use of special relativity to establish a complete electromagnetic theory based on Coulomb’s Law as the sole experimental postulate
  • Historical introductions to each chapter
  • Extensive treatment of electrical properties of materials in the final three chapters

Also in the series… Field Computation by Moment Methods by Roger F. Harrington, Syracuse University An IEEE reprinting of this classic 1968 edition, Field Computation by Moment Methods is the first book to explore the computation of electromagnetic fields by the method of moments—the most popular method to date for the numerical solution of electromagnetic field problems. It presents a unified approach to moment methods by employing the concepts of linear spaces and functional analysis. Written especially for those who have a minimal amount of experience in electromagnetic theory, theoretical and mathematical concepts are illustrated by examples that prepare readers with the skills they need to apply the method of moments to new, engineering-related problems. Key topics include:

  • Electrostatic fields
  • Two-dimensional electromagnetic fields
  • Wire antennas and scatterers
  • Multiport systems
  • Transmission lines and waveguides
  • Resonators
  • Antenna systems

1993 Hardcover 240 pp IEEE Order No. PC0363-2 ISBN 0-7803-1014-4 About the Series The IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves consists of new titles as well as reprints and revisions of recognized classics that maintain long-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves and applications. Designed specifically for graduate students, practicing engineers, and researchers, this series provides affordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves and applications beyond the undergraduate level.


Table of Contents:

Original Preface.

Preface to the IEEE Edition.

Glossary of Symbols.

The Phenomenon of Light.

The Special Theory of Relativity.

Electrostatics in Free Speace.

Magnetostatics in Free Space.

Electromagnetics in Free Space.

Dielectric Materials.

Magnetic Materials.

Conductive Materials.



Taylor's Series.


Author Index.

Subject Index.




  • 使用特殊相對論建立完整的電磁理論,以庫倫定律作為唯一的實驗前提

  • 每章的歷史介紹

  • 最後三章對材料的電性進行了廣泛的探討

同系列書籍還包括...《場計算與矩法》(Roger F. Harrington著,Syracuse University)這本經典1968年版的IEEE再版,是第一本探討通過矩法計算電磁場的書籍,矩法是迄今為止最流行的數值解電磁場問題的方法。它通過使用線性空間和泛函分析的概念,提出了一種統一的矩法方法。本書特別為那些在電磁理論方面經驗較少的人而寫,理論和數學概念通過例子加以說明,使讀者具備應用矩法解決新的工程相關問題所需的技能。主要主題包括:

  • 靜電場

  • 二維電磁場

  • 導線天線和散射體

  • 多端口系統

  • 傳輸線和波導

  • 諧振器

  • 天線系統

1993年精裝版,240頁,IEEE訂單號PC0363-2,ISBN 0-7803-1014-4 關於該系列 IEEE Press電磁波系列包括新書以及重新印刷和修訂的經典著作,這些著作在電磁波和應用領域具有長期的存檔重要性。該系列專為研究生、實踐工程師和研究人員設計,提供了超出本科水平的負擔得起的專著,探討了電磁波和應用。