Developing Killer Web Apps with Dreamweaver MX and C# (Paperback)

Chuck White, Sybex

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  • 出版日期: 2004-01-06
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  • ISBN-13: 9780782142549
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Dreamweaver MX 2004 is a great tool, and a great teacher. Its finely tuned support for ASP.NET makes it the fastest way to build serious data-driven web applications. And its transparent interface and the ultra-clean code it generates gives you ample opportunity to learn ASP.NET in its purest form.

For those who aren't yet adept with ASP.NET, Developing Killer Web Apps with Dreamweaver MX and C# gives you the help you need interpreting what you see as Dreamweaver does its thing. This book provides a succinct and incisive tutorial on the C# syntax and classes that Dreamweaver uses to generate code for dynamic web applications.

This is just the start, however. Once you've gotten your head around ASP.NET—or if it already is—you'll find this book to be a highly efficient guide to the business of saving time and solving difficult development problems with Dreamweaver as an integrated development environment. This includes help with some of Dreamweaver's most important, and yet most poorly documented, capabilities, such as working with stored procedures and generating web services. Here's more of what you'll find covered inside:

  • Building ASP.NET web controls
  • Writing ASP.NET scripts
  • Putting together web services using Dreamweaver
  • Using SQL inside Dreamweaver
  • Getting the most out of Dreamweaver's custom user control for .NET
  • Working with DataGrids and other databound controls
  • Validating pages

Detailed examples address the real runtime problems that can adversely affect your applications, showing you how to avoid them, fix the ones that slip through, and make coding tweaks that measurably boost performance.



Chapter 1: Configuring Dreamweaver for ASP.NET
Chapter 2: SQL and Dreamweaver Web Applications
Chapter 3: Working with Databases:An Introduction
Chapter 4: Working with the Dreamweaver Custom Control
Chapter 5: Using Web Server Controls
Chapter 6: Working with .NET Validation Controls
Chapter 7: Getting Your Hands Dirty:Hand-Coding with Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 8: Web Services and Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 9: Putting It All Together:The Realtor Application
Appendix A: Errors Using Dreamweaver MX and ASP.NET



Dreamweaver MX 2004是一個很棒的工具,也是一位很好的老師。它對於ASP.NET的精心支援使得它成為建立嚴肅的資料驅動網路應用程式的最快方式。它透明的介面和所生成的超乾淨的程式碼為您提供了充分的機會以最純粹的形式學習ASP.NET。

對於那些對ASP.NET還不熟悉的人來說,《使用Dreamweaver MX和C#開發強大的網路應用程式》將為您提供所需的幫助,解釋Dreamweaver執行其任務時所看到的內容。本書提供了一個簡明而深入的教程,介紹了Dreamweaver用於生成動態網路應用程式程式碼的C#語法和類別。


- 建立ASP.NET網路控制項
- 撰寫ASP.NET腳本
- 使用Dreamweaver組合網路服務
- 在Dreamweaver中使用SQL
- 充分利用Dreamweaver的.NET自訂使用者控制項
- 使用DataGrid和其他資料繫結控制項
- 驗證頁面


- 引言
- 第一章:配置Dreamweaver以使用ASP.NET
- 第二章:SQL和Dreamweaver網路應用程式
- 第三章:使用資料庫:入門
- 第四章:使用Dreamweaver自訂控制項
- 第五章:使用Web伺服器控制項
- 第六章:使用.NET驗證控制項
- 第七章:深入探討:使用Dreamweaver MX進行手動編碼
- 第八章:Web服務和Dreamweaver MX
- 第九章:將所有內容結合起來:房地產應用程式
- 附錄A:使用Dreamweaver MX和ASP.NET時的錯誤
- 索引