Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Color Management (Paperback)

Tim Grey

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  • 出版日期: 2004-03-29
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
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"Color Confidence is one book that no photographer, especially me, can afford to be without!"
Art Morris, Photographer (

Establishing a successful color management workflow that produces predictable results is an important -- yet tricky -- undertaking. Most photographers are all too familiar with the frustration of a print not matching the image on the monitor. In Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Color Management, digital imaging expert Tim Grey offers immediate access to the crucial information you need to get the color you want, every time.

Color Confidence is a results-oriented guide to managing color effectively across all devices. In his approachable style, Tim Grey demystifies the complicated topics and leads you step-by-step through each component of a color-managed workflow. Designed for busy photographers, this full-color guide cuts through the theory, focusing on the practical information you need to make the best color decisions from capture to output.

Inside, you'll discover the ins and outs of color management, including how to:

  • Choose, calibrate, and profile your monitor and scanner
  • Configure Photoshop color settings
  • Manage digital camera color with presets and custom profiles
  • Evaluate images and make accurate color adjustments
  • Color-adjust black-and-white images
  • Build custom printer profiles or utilize generic ones
  • Prepare and adjust images for print with soft proofing and the gamut warning
  • Evaluate prints against standard targets
  • Figure out what to do when prints don’t match
  • Produce color-accurate images for the web, e-mail, and digital slideshows
  • Get familiar with process-specific workflows: (scan to print, digital capture to print, CMYK output, Web, e-mail, and digital projection)
  • And more!



Chapter 1: Foundations
The Nature of Light
The Nature of Color
Color Profiles
Introducing Color Management

Chapter 2: Photoshop Setup
Color Settings
Assigning and Converting Profiles

Chapter 3: Display
Choosing a Monitor
Choosing a Display Adapter
Calibrating and Profiling Your Monitor
Display Conditions

Chapter 4: Scanning
Choosing a Scanner
Approaches to Scanning
Scanner Profiles
Assigning a Scanner Profile
Evaluating Scans

Chapter 5: Digital Capture
Digital Cameras
Managing Digital Camera Color
Working Space Issues

Chapter 6: Optimization
Evaluating Images
Making Color Adjustments
Color-Adjusting Black-and-White Images
Saving the File

Chapter 7: Output
Choosing a Printer
Printer Profiles
Preparing Images
Print Setup
Evaluating Prints
CMYK Output
Web, E-mail, and Digital Slideshows

Chapter 8: Workflow
Predictable Output
The Pre-Workflow Checklist
Process-Specific Workflows



「色彩信心」是一本攝影師,尤其是我這樣的攝影師,不能沒有的一本書!」攝影師Art Morris(如此評價。

建立一個成功的色彩管理工作流程,以產生可預測的結果,是一個重要但棘手的任務。大多數攝影師都對印刷品與顯示器上的圖像不匹配的挫敗感感到非常熟悉。在《色彩信心:數位攝影師的色彩管理指南》中,數位影像專家Tim Grey提供了您需要的關鍵信息,讓您每次都能獲得所需的色彩。

《色彩信心》是一本以結果為導向的指南,旨在有效地管理所有設備上的色彩。Tim Grey以易於理解的風格,將複雜的主題解密,並逐步引導您完成色彩管理工作流程的每個組件。這本全彩色指南專為忙碌的攝影師設計,專注於實用信息,從拍攝到輸出,幫助您做出最佳的色彩決策。

- 選擇、校準和配置顯示器和掃描儀
- 配置Photoshop的色彩設置
- 使用預設和自定義配置文件管理數位相機的色彩
- 評估圖像並進行準確的色彩調整
- 調整黑白圖像的色彩
- 創建自定義的印表機配置文件或使用通用配置文件
- 使用軟件證明和色域警告準備和調整圖像的印刷品
- 將印刷品與標準目標進行比較
- 在印刷品不匹配時採取的措施
- 為網頁、電子郵件和數位幻燈片製作色彩準確的圖像
- 熟悉特定流程的工作流程:(從掃描到印刷、從數位攝影到印刷、CMYK輸出、網頁、電子郵件和數位投影)
- 等等!

- 導言
- 第1章:基礎知識
- 第2章:Photoshop設置
- 第3章:顯示器
- 第4章:掃描
- 第5章:數位攝影
- 第6章:優化
- 第7章:輸出
- 第8章:工作流程
- 附錄:詞彙表
- 索引