ASP.NET by Example

Steven A. Smith

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-21
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ASP developers need to understand how ASP.NET can help them solve business problems better than any prior product. ASP.NET by Example is designed to provide a "crash course" on ASP.NET and quickly help the reader start using this new technology. As part of the By Example series, this book approaches ASP.NET in an easy-to-use tutorial way, giving the reader a much faster and more interactive learning experience than the traditional reference book. By building the sample applications taught in the book, readers will learn how to create custom ASP.NET controls, how to use ADO+ objects in ASP, and how to deploy and manage applications. ASP.NET by Example also provides tools and information needed to migrate old ASP files to the new platform, saving developers significant time and money. As an added feature Steven A. Smith has included multiple case studies on how ASP.NET is used in e-commerce applications

Table of Contents

1. .NET Overview.
2. An Introduction To ASP.NET.
3. Migrating From ASP to ASP.NET.
4. The New ADO—ADO.NET.
5. HTML/Web Controls.
6. Using ASP.NET List Controls.
7. Using ASP.NET Rich Controls.
8. Using ASP.NET Validation Controls.
9. Using ASP.NET User Controls.
10. ASP.NET Applications.
11. ASP.NET and Web Services.
12. Custom ASP.NET Server Controls.
13. Debugging ASP.NET Overview.
14. Case Study: E-commerce with ASP.NET.
Appendix A. ASP.NET Syntax.
Appendix B. ADO.NET Object Model.
Appendix C. Visual Basic.NET Language Reference.
Appendix D. C# Language Reference.


ASP開發人員需要了解ASP.NET如何比以往的產品更好地解決業務問題。《ASP.NET by Example》旨在提供關於ASP.NET的「快速入門課程」,並快速幫助讀者開始使用這項新技術。作為《By Example》系列的一部分,本書以易於使用的教程方式介紹ASP.NET,讓讀者比傳統的參考書更快速、更互動地學習。通過構建書中教授的示例應用程序,讀者將學習如何創建自定義的ASP.NET控件,如何在ASP中使用ADO+對象,以及如何部署和管理應用程序。《ASP.NET by Example》還提供了將舊的ASP文件遷移到新平台所需的工具和信息,節省開發人員大量的時間和金錢。作為附加功能,Steven A. Smith還包括了多個關於如何在電子商務應用程序中使用ASP.NET的案例研究。

1. .NET概述
2. ASP.NET簡介
5. HTML/Web控件
6. 使用ASP.NET列表控件
7. 使用ASP.NET豐富控件
8. 使用ASP.NET驗證控件
9. 使用ASP.NET用戶控件
10. ASP.NET應用程序
11. ASP.NET和Web服務
12. 自定義ASP.NET服務器控件
13. ASP.NET調試概述
14. 案例研究:使用ASP.NET的電子商務
附錄A. ASP.NET語法
附錄B. ADO.NET對象模型
附錄C. Visual Basic.NET語言參考
附錄D. C#語言參考