Digital Memories : Scrapbooking with Your Computer

Carla Rose

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Revolutionize your Scrapbook!

With Digital Memories: Scrapbooking with Your Computer, you can bring the beauty of your family treasures to family and friends across the globe with digital scrapbooks or intensify your traditional scrapbooking techniques with enhanced digital artistry and new ways to create special effects.

Carla Rose, photographer and best-selling Photoshop author, shows you how to scan photos or use pictures from a digital camera, retouch and repair old photos, and then design scrapbook pages using artistic filters and clip art. She¿ll teach even the most digitally-challenged reader how to build beautiful scrapbook pages and then email them to friends and family or print them out for use in a photo album. Digital Memories: Scrapbooking with Your Computer covers easy-to-find software products like Photoshop Elements, Scrapbook Factory, and Hallmark Studio Deluxe, used to create stunning scrapbook pages that can be stored on CD-ROM or the Internet and viewed electronically or printed for traditional usage.

Digital Memories: Scrapbooking with Your Computer provides you with step-by-step instructions on:

  • Traditional and Digital tools (software and hardware) used in creating digital memories.
  • Page layout and design and backgrounds.
  • Working with old photos and digital photos.
  • Turning photos into art.
  • Adding video clips, sound effects and music to Web/CD-based Scrapbooks.

Packed with new approaches to this popular activity, Digital Memories: Scrapbooking with Your Computer, brings the power of the computer to the wildly popular world of scrapbooking.

Table of Contents:



1. Starting a Scrapbook.

What's It About? What's Your Format? What's the Difference Between a Scrapbook and a Journal? Books and Book Covers.

2. Traditional Scrapbooking Tools.

Storage. Taking Stock. Booking It. Sticky Stuff. Don't Run with Scissors. Finding the "Write" Tools. Stamping Grounds. Embellishments. Ephemera.

3. Digital Tools: Hardware.

The Computer. Resolution? I Resolve to Explain… Digital Cameras. Scanners. No Camera? No Scanner? Printers. CD or DVD Writer. But I Don't Have a Computer!

4. Digital Tools: Software.

Choosing Your Program. Scrapbook-Specific Programs. Photo-Editing Software. Page Layout Programs. Programs for "Sharing" Pages Electronically.


5. Page Layout and Design.

Working in Layers. Working with Templates and Grids. Composing a Page. Design Elements.

6. Creating and Using Backgrounds.

Using Premade Backgrounds. Backgrounds from the Scanner. Papers: What's Available. Other Materials You Can Print On.

7. Working with Old Photos.

Getting a Good Scan. Basic Photo Corrections. Moving Paint: Blurring, Sharpening, and Smudging. Rescuing a Badly Damaged Photo. Vignetting a Picture. Photo Tinting. Correcting Off-Color Photos.

8. Working with Digital Photos.

Shooting for Scrapbook Pages. A Better Crop of Pictures. About Face! Flipping Images. Resizing. Blurring Backgrounds. Applying Color Correction. Correcting Perspective. Removing Unwanted Items or People. Little Touches Mean a Lot.

9. Turning a Photo into Art.

Applying Filters and Effects. Posterizing. Drawing on Photos. Making Composites and Collages. Making Panoramic Photos.

10. Adding Type.

The Language of Typography. Putting the Words on the Page. Choosing Fonts. Adding Drop Shadows. Using Masked Type. Embossing and Other Special Effects. Journaling. Online Sources for Clips and Quotes.

11. Creating Web/CD-Based Scrapbooks.

Understanding the World Wide Web. How To Get On the Web. Assembling Web Pages. How HTML Works. Enhancing Your Site with Sound and Video. Creating CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.


Appendix A. Other Uses for Your Pictures.

Iron-On Photos. Printing on Fabric. Printing on Frosting. Trinket Boxes and Other Tchotchkes. Stationery, Calendars, and Cards. The End, or the Beginning?

Appendix B. Glossary of Computer Graphics and Scrapbooking Terms.
Appendix C. While You're Wandering the Web…



攝影師和暢銷Photoshop作者Carla Rose將教你如何掃描照片或使用數位相機拍攝照片,修復和修復舊照片,然後使用藝術濾鏡和剪貼畫設計剪貼簿頁面。她將教導即使是最不擅長數位技術的讀者如何建立美麗的剪貼簿頁面,然後將它們通過電子郵件發送給朋友和家人,或者打印出來放在相冊中。《數位回憶:用電腦創作剪貼簿》介紹了易於找到的軟體產品,如Photoshop Elements、Scrapbook Factory和Hallmark Studio Deluxe,用於創建令人驚艷的剪貼簿頁面,可以存儲在CD-ROM或互聯網上,以電子方式查看或打印出來以傳統方式使用。

- 創作數位回憶所使用的傳統和數位工具(軟體和硬體)。
- 頁面佈局和設計以及背景。
- 處理舊照片和數位照片。
- 將照片轉化為藝術品。
- 在網絡/CD剪貼簿中添加視頻剪輯、音效和音樂。


- 引言
- 第一部分:開始所需的東西
- 1. 開始剪貼簿
- 2. 傳統剪貼簿工具
- 3. 數位工具:硬體
- 4. 數位工具:軟體
- 第二部分:用電腦創作更好的頁面
- 5. 頁面佈局和設計
- 6. 創建和使用背景
- 7. 處理舊照片
- 8. 處理數位照片