MySpace Marketing: Creating a Social Network to Boom Your Business

Sean Percival

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MySpace Marketing is the quintessential low-down on guerilla marketing on the biggest social network on the planet. Marketers big and small need to learn how to connect with their target audiences via social media or get left in the dust. MySpace Marketing gives the grounding and the specific tips and traps essential for marketing success on MySpace.”

—Mark Brooks, Editor,


“An invaluable guide to the dos and don’ts of building and marketing to social networks—essential reading for the enterprise 2.0.”

—Niall Cook, Author, Enterprise 2.0: How Social Software Will Change the Future of Work


“Social networking is the new PR and advertising—any business not starting to explore the online space will be left behind by the competition. MySpace Marketing gives a practical, step-by-step approach that any business can use for successful marketing on the popular site.”

—Colleen Coplick,


“Social Networks like MySpace are critical to the future of marketing. With traditional tactics like advertising no longer effective, there is no better way to have prospects experience your brand.”

—Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing, BearingPoint; Author, Buzz Marketing for Technology blog


MySpace Marketing is a practical guide for anyone involved in brand building. From starting with strategy (‘Is your business right for MySpace marketing?’) to the ins and outs of profile creation and audience segmentation, this book is an essential primer for small business owners and large brands alike on one of the biggest social networks.”

—Scott Monty,The Social Media Marketing Blog, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company


MySpace Marketing takes a respectful look at the rich community of MySpace and instructs marketers on how to successfully become a part of that community. Part field-guide and part how-to manual, MySpace Marketing delivers a great read and solid advice.”

—Kate Trgovac, Editor-in-Chief,


“I have read a lot of books on marketing on MySpace, but what makes MySpace Marketing stand out are the examples (mini case studies) of what actually works on MySpace. The examples of what type of marketing campaigns have been successful and what you can do to replicate that campaign are really insightful and provide me with enough information that I feel I could go and launch a successful marketing campaign on MySpace today.”

—David Wilson, Social Media Blogger,


“Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a series of trials and errors. MySpace Marketing is one of the only resources I’ve seen that takes the guesswork out of how to market in one of the largest social networks. Regardless of level of experience or resources, it gives step-by-step strategies suitable for large and small companies alike.”

—Lisa Braziel, Community Engagement Director, Ignite Social Media; Coauthor, Social Media is a Cocktail Party


Got something to sell? With more than 150,000,000 members, MySpace is your #1 marketing opportunity! Whether you’re a business, band, or organization, MySpace is the place to deliver your message and reach your customers. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to profit from MySpace marketing: just get this book! MySpace marketing pioneer Sean Percival covers all the free and dirt-cheap guerrilla marketing techniques you’ll ever need, including

  • Identifying and precision-targeting your audience
  • Promoting your band, music, event, nightclub, or movie
  • Reaching the 60% of MySpace users who are 25 or older
  • Creating and designing a highly-effective MySpace profile
  • Quickly building your friend network
  • Attracting “must-have” friends who build buzz and businesses
  • Planning your marketing “call to action”
  • Optimizing search engines to find your profile
  • Making the most of MySpace video, music, and blogs
  • Marketing to specific high schools or colleges
  • Hiring through MySpace

 More goodies online! Visuals, backgrounds, and code for supercharging your profile...advanced video how-to tutorials...and an up-to-the-minute MySpace Marketing blog!


    Introduction     1

        New Frontiers     1

        What Is MySpace Marketing?     2

        Friending Is the New Advertising     3

        Secrets of Success     3

        The Future of Social Networks     5

Part I: Welcome to MySpace

    1 Is Your Business Right for MySpace Marketing     9

        How Big Is MySpace?     10

        Understanding How Social Networks Like MySpace Work     10

        A View of a Social Network     11

       Who Is Using MySpace Marketing?     12

        Branding     16

        Other Businesses     17

        How MySpace Marketing Works     17

        Two Things to Consider     18

        What to Expect from MySpace Marketing     19

    2 Preparing Your Business for MySpace     21

        Be Ready for Feedback (Good and Bad)     22

        Get or Create Your Marketing Artwork     22

        Widgets     28

        Creating Videos     29

        Find a Mascot    30

        Existing Contacts and Address Books     31

Part II: Getting Started

    3 Creating a MySpace Profile     35

        Already Have a MySpace Profile?     36

        Selecting a Profile Type     36

        The Signup Process     37

    4 Designing Your MySpace Profile     49

        Before You Begin     49

        Editing Your MySpace Page     50

        Understanding HTML     51

        Using CSS     56

        Working with Images     56

        Using Profile Editors     58