Google Docs 4 Everyone

Steven Holzner, Nancy Holzner

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Who needs expensive, old-fashioned office software? Now, you can do everything online, free, with Google Docs! Experts Steve and Nancy Holzner offer simple, step-by-step instructions and great insider tips for making the most of Google’s powerful online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. You’ll get started fast... learn how to create and format professional-quality documents of all kinds... collaborate with colleagues to build better proposals and presentations... use advanced tools like revision history, templates, and charts... discover Google Docs’ latest features and shortcuts... and a whole lot more! No matter what kind of documents you create, this book can help you do the job better, faster, and more efficiently... and you’ll never pay for office software again!


You’ll Learn How To

            •           Get your free Google account and set up iGoogle for instant access to your documents

            •           Upload and use the documents you’ve already created with Microsoft Office

            •           Use Google Spreadsheet to create charts to display spreadsheet data

            •           Master Google Docs’ easy, powerful document-editing and formatting tools

            •           Insert images into your documents and presentations

            •           Share documents securely with your colleagues

            •           Back up your documents offline and edit them when you don’t have an Internet connection


Steven Holzner, former contributing editor at PC Magazine, is author of 108 computer books
that have sold more than 2.5 million copies. His most recent Pearson book is Facebook Marketing.

Nancy Holzner writes and edits technology books from her home in central New York state.
Her recent publications include books on Intuit QuickBase and Zoho. Nancy has also worked as
a medievalist, a high school teacher, and a corporate trainer.


CATEGORY:  Productivity Suites

COVERS: Google Docs

USER LEVEL: Beginning-Intermediate




誰需要昂貴、老式的辦公軟體呢?現在,你可以在線上免費使用Google Docs來完成所有工作!專家Steve和Nancy Holzner提供簡單、逐步的指導和內幕貼士,讓你充分利用Google強大的線上文字處理、試算表和簡報工具。你將快速入門...學習如何創建和格式化各種專業質量的文件...與同事合作建立更好的提案和簡報...使用高級工具如修訂歷史、範本和圖表...發現Google Docs的最新功能和快捷鍵...還有更多!無論你創建什麼類型的文件,這本書都能幫助你更好、更快、更有效地完成工作...而且你再也不用支付辦公軟體的費用!

- 獲取免費的Google帳戶並設置iGoogle以立即存取你的文件
- 上傳並使用你已經在Microsoft Office中創建的文件
- 使用Google試算表創建圖表以顯示試算表數據
- 掌握Google Docs易用且強大的文件編輯和格式化工具
- 在文件和簡報中插入圖片
- 安全地與同事共享文件
- 在沒有網路連接時離線備份和編輯文件

Steven Holzner,曾任PC Magazine的撰稿人,是賣出超過250萬冊的108本電腦書籍的作者。他最近的Pearson出版書籍是《Facebook行銷》。

Nancy Holzner在紐約州中部的家中撰寫和編輯技術書籍。她最近的出版物包括關於Intuit QuickBase和Zoho的書籍。Nancy還曾擔任中世紀研究學者、高中教師和企業培訓師。

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